Fury vs Usyk - Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World

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Feb 15, 2019
I think Usyk can win, however he is up against the entire boxing industry. There's a whole lot of money to be made if Fury wins. Usyk knows this. Unless Usyk dominates or even manages a TKO, the judges will no doubt give it to Fury.
Got a feeling it will be fraught with controversy and the result will be decided by Judges who "clearly weren't watching the same fight..."
Doesn't matter how well someone fights, if the judges decide against them then it matters not. It needs to be a genuine knock out otherwise you leave it up to idiots to choose the winner they want.
Well, Usyk for me is a master tactician, best fighter I ever saw in the heavyweight division. I thought Joe Calzaghe was the best boxer I ever saw in my lifetime, but Usyk is class, always knows how to win and finds a way to do it. I don't know how the decision was not unanimous, but boxing judges are about as straight as a GameArt demo slot.

What pisses me off is this stupid trash talk comparing fighters who lost and then regained a version of the title like Ali and Lewis (er..anyone ever mention the Klitschkos any more who had better pro-rata records than both of those?) eulogising them as "3 or 4-time world champions". Now correct me if I'm wrong, but unlike unbeaten Marciano & Usyk those fighters had to LOSE a few times to become multiple world champions. Something I've never understood when reading comments about boxing.

Congrats to Usyk, I had my doubts about whether he could survive Fury's boxing skills behind that punishing long jab, but as usual he finds a way. Pure class.
When the fight started, i thought there was no chance for Usyk to win as Tyson is bigger, has longer arms, and fights specifically. And if all 12 rounds carried on in a similar style, then Tyson would win by points.

But then this moment changed the whole game - it could take one or two more decent punches from Usyk, and Tyson would have been down.

Bookies must have made a lot from this fight.
Wow what an absolute brilliant fight. I had Fury 4 - 2 up after six rounds, but crikey, busting Fury's nose up really turned the fight and the ninth round.

Total absolute respect to Usyk. Also same to Fury for being able to continue in the 10th.

What a boxer Usyk is though. To not only unify and become undisputed at Cruiserweight, but to do the same at Heavyweight too.

Please may they both be up for the rematch. That was just quality.
Yep, been following Usyk during his run in the Super Six when he cleaned out the Cruiserweight Division. I honestly feel in my lifetime, the best boxer I have ever seen. Well, actually TBE aka Floyd Mayweather was pretty special also.

Also what a result for Ukraine and nice to see Kovalev flattened in the last round of his fight earlier on in the card. Don't care that he is now based in the US, no Russians should be allowed anywhere near sport.
That was a good fight, glad it ended the way it did and Usyk got the deserved victory.
Dunno what Fury was smoking to claim he won the fight and it was only awarded to Oleksandr because his "country is at war", he was beaten fair and square.

He was also silly not to go down as soon as Usyk caught him properly in the 9th. Could have took the 8 count, regrouped better, and came back stronger, but he took more blows and was always losing from that point on.
I wonder if Fury will have a right to a rematch in the contract, from that clip Guntis posted he looked a bit off physically to me, compared to when he fought wilder, but could be due to Usyk wearing him out.

Usyk is undoubtedly in a different class to the rest of the heavyweight division, very hard to beat on points due to his accuracy and skill I would've thought.

I haven't seen the fight or interviews, but that is classic Fury putting it down to the ukr war getting his opponent the sympathy vote, it's tongue in cheek I'm sure, but he says things where others wouldn't dare to tread.

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