Bonus Complaint fun play but don't use bonus at pitbullpoker


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Oct 30, 2008
pitbullpoker is a nice place to play poker when there software is running good and they have a good selection of casino games and poker freerolls every hour
but they offer a $10 no deposit bonus to new players
the problem is if you use this bonus offer and like it and make a deposit of your own you can not claim anykind of withdrawl untill you clear 200 comp points

and comp points are only made on poker games not in there casino so heres the catch if you get the $10.00 bonus and decide poker isnt your thing and you play casino games and win a small fortune you cant withdraw any of this untill you win 200 points in poker

so now the small fortune you just won in slots and other casino games have to be wagered in poker tables ring games

so if you only wanna play with free $10 and dont intend to deposit funds then go for it but if you wanna try and win cash then just deposit using no bonus codes

heres my examply i spent $30 on poker tables and i only have 2 comp points i need another 198 before i can withdraw my funds which now are under $50


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Nov 3, 2008
i am also a member of pitbull and also like there casino games especialy the keno i did recieve there $10 bonus money and i also deposited funds dont like poker but like there other games i won $120 on casino games and went to get a withdrawl of $100 as i needed this money and online support said i need to get 200 comp points in poker and they said under no circumstances will they let me withdrawl anything untill i make the 200

so all the $120 is gone now and i have 18 comp points so i think i need to wager $1000 before my accounts able to withdraw

so now i am just playing freeroll games


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Aug 26, 2007
Michigan, USA
Ring games:
The pot must be at least $20.00 to earn 1 comp point
The pot (s) must all be not less than $20.00 and total $4,000 or more to earn 200 comp points

Tournaments / Sit & Go:
$.25 in fees earns 1 comp point
The buy-ins must be at least $2.50 and total $500.00 with fees equal or greater than $50.00.

You can read about Pit Bull comp structure at their site. Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Summary: Pit Bull software has major problems including crashing. Site traffic is limited. Their comp point requirements are all but impossible to achieve. Pit Bull has a history of closing players accounts and keeping their funds. Pit Bull has been described as a scam operation at more than one poker forum.

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