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Jan 12, 2007
Hey Guys,

Bit concerned at the moment; Full Tilt only has one method to contact them, and that's via Email. Which in itself, is a pain, but not a large problem, until they fail to respond to emails. I've been waiting five days for a response now, and now sent a total of four emails. Their website says to expect a response within 24 hours, and on the last email I sent, I got a response saying "due to high demand", responses will take 48-72 hours. Still, five days exceed both of these time frames.

For the time being, I've ceased play at Full Tilt Poker until their support department does what its title implies and supports its customer base.

Basically just posting as a heads up, not actively encouraging you don't play, because I've always previously found them reliable, and am putting it down to temporarily poor management.


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From what I've been reading at the FT Forums the last few days, most of FullTilt Users are from USA and very worried about their money, since NETeller is no more an option for them.

That makes me believe that FT support is getting TONS of emails every single day.

You should be a bit more patient than usual. Full Tilt is a poker room you can trust - at least I have never been let down by them.
Full Tilt - Recently merged to Dobrosoft... I would not play there...

I recently started playing for fun at Pitbull, considering opening an account there...

I love Titan, but they are difficult
log-in history

Full Tilt Poker has added a new security feature for players. Now you can view your log-in history, and make sure no one has accessed your account except you. The log-in history includes the last 20 log-ins, log-in IP addresses and the country your account was logged in from. This is another way of Full Tilt assuring their customers that they are dedicated to protecting players accounts.

I can't get a reply from Full Tilt as to why someone has been trying to log into my account. I don't even live in America.
I have asked FT if they can check to find out the name of the player who has tried to log into my account (only been 20 hours since I wrote to them)
IF I get a reply I will post it, but for now have I won't be playing at FT.

Feb 06 2008 1:10 pm %%%%%%%%%%% SUCCESS
Feb 04 2008 2:09 am United States FAIL
Feb 04 2008 2:08 am United States FAIL
Feb 03 2008 12:56 pm %%%%%%%%%% SUCCESS
full tilt support USELESS

I still haven't had a reply, not even a we're looking into this.
If they are busy, GET MORE STAFF. :lolup::lolup:
Full Tilt made major improvements in that area but have been really poor the last few weeks. I thought it was down to a change in staff. Dunno, but ive not been impressed as of late.

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