Fast pay casino


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Sep 23, 2016
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I think you forgot to mention the casino was Stakers :laugh:

Don't forget, there are very limited options for some of us out there, so at times, desperation prevails.

On a thread specific to us outcasts, the reviews vary from ok'ish to problematic on certain issues. However, actually being paid does not appear to be one of those issues.

Note: I am referring to Fast Pay, not Stakers. Just realised my post could be misconstrued.

I quoted Nicola's post as it does appear as if the OP could be a shill, and of course, I believe a CM award went to all the Staker's shills.
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Jan 31, 2020
I heard about pretty bad experience on fast pay casino from friend of my friend. They asked him made x10 deposit turnover (no bonus), he said them it's against their rules. They asked additional docs after that and blocked him and confiscated 3k euro just said "all documents is fake". I think it's not true. Curacao didn't respond him. I heard he has depression for the next 6 months, bc it was almost all his money. I don't know how he feel yourself now. Hope he's ok. Fast pay casino ruined his life.