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The final day then, sadly, wouldn't have minded this promotion to go on for a while longer! I worry it may be the last one on here, seen as there are so few contestants. I don't think we even managed to claim all the prizes this time around. Simply shocking. But much praise to @Jelena_PragmaticPlay for yet again creating a fun, enjoyable, and very generous concept and well done to all entrants who stuck around for this :)

My final 2 entries in the contest come from today's evening session where I decided to play through the entire Big Bass catalogue, more or less chronologically. Not sure if I missed any (except for Day at the Races, which my current casino, Slotlords, didn't offer) but I got to 20 titles in total - including Club Tropicana and four different Floating Dragons. I skipped the Crash one, not my kind of game.
I started with a 2,200 balance, played 250 spins on each (125 on the FD's), and ended up with a 3,850 balance. That's really good profit!, like 120% RTP! :)

Here are the top 2:

BB Hold & Spinner, 395x
Skjermbilde (1904).png
Skjermbilde (1906).png

BB Amazon, 418x
Skjermbilde (1909).png
Skjermbilde (1910).png
Last two


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Last two


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Here are my final two wins of the contest. It was a fun one and by the looks of the leader board, we did fill out all 10 of the prizes so it is something at least.

Win of 110x on Rock Vegas

Win of 65x on Spirit of Adventure
Hello everybody, it's officially Monday for me today :D
Being back in the work saddle :p

Yay, indeed we have all 10 spots winners and this is how the prize pool is distributed:

1st Place = @SCATT3R with incredible 14,991 points score = €350 Amazon voucher
2nd Place = @anddi32 with 6,376 points score = €200 Amazon voucher
3rd Place = @Sonict with 4,154 points score = €100 Amazon voucher
4th Place = @Jovan with 2,985 points score = €50 Amazon voucher
5th Place = @johnnymcc1966 breathing to Jovan's neck with 2,526 points score = €50 Amazon voucher
6th Place = @sapit222 with 1,858 points score = €50 Amazon voucher
7th Place = @OSCAR1962 with 1,618 points score = €50 Amazon voucher
8th Place = @Copperzzz with 1,453 points score = €50 Amazon voucher
9th Place = @rtb123 with 993 points score = €50 Amazon voucher
10th Place = @Paimonah with 465 points score = €50 Amazon voucher

Congrats to all the Round 1 winners, hope you had fun again!! :cheerleader: ❤️

Now, Round 2 winners - there are some brilliant poems have to say, but have to be honest, I expected more participation for this one :D

Sooo, additional €50, Round 2 voucher winners (and also the only poets) are:


PM me with your email and preferred Amazon country!!

Thanks so much everybody, looking forward to the next one :D

Let's keep this thread active with future concept suggestions, for a while :cheers:
Thanks a lot @Jelena_PragmaticPlay ! This was lots of fun to participate. I wish I had more budget to compete for top 3. Hopefully next time.

I really like the concept of gathering points during a week. Imo this is a lot better than the usual "post your single biggest win tournaments" (which are often for high budget players and bonus buyers).

Also the poem contest adds something fun that has to do with slots without having to play them.

I expected a bit more participation, maybe it's just the time of the year? I don't know.

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