Giveaway Exclusive April Double Chances Competition

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I won 1st price (with the x2000 win) in the tournament at Videoslots and got 100 freespins reward. :cheerleader:

Managed to get 2 bonusgames with the reward. :thumbsup:

x412 win on Book of The Fallen.
x412 win from freespins reward - Videoslots - Book of The Fallen.jpg

x122 win on Book of The Fallen.
x122 win from freespins reward - Videoslots - Book of The Fallen.jpg
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Sadly not a valid shot for the competition. :(
Battle of slots at Videoslots.

Book of The Fallen. Over x2000.
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What a wonderful hit though, congrats on your tournie win! :)

It's kinda funny, I was playing this exact slot a bit yesterday because it's had a real good "feel" to it for a couple of days, and it would feature often, retriggers and all, and I kept picking that same Tut symbol over and over convinced it was about to fullscreen. It didn't for me, best it could do was 3, but there it was for you shortly after!
Another two


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Nice to see new faces in the run-in. Good luck 😃 Make sure to do it by the rules so you don't risk that it won't count, it needs to show date and multiplier, which you'll find under 'replay' 😊

Thank you for the information
Wrote another poem :)

Big bass fishing slots
It's catchy, but there are lots

I never know which one to play
But the max fish is always on his way

Sadly I never seem to catch it
As always the fisherman is taking a shit

But one day he'll show up during a spin
And I will finally get my max win
Another two


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