Giveaway Exclusive April Double Chances Competition

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I will check this site everyday now because sadly I only saw the competition on the 27th at which point @SCATT3R was already at nearly 8000, anyway well done everyone that took part and @SCATT3R

Thanks mate :) If you join the Pragmatic Play user group on this forum, it should be possible that you'll be alerted when a new promo is running so you can take part right from the start :)
Congratulations to the winners and congrats @Scatter for winning the whole race.

The first couple of days I wondered if I was seriously going to compete for first place, but pretty soon it became clear that it was already too far away. At the same time, it seemed that I was quite alone in second place, so I decided to go for it.

During the competition, I noticed that the different versions of the big bass worked well for me, no 1000x-hits this time but pretty often some nice wins and a good screenshots. This comp was fun and more fun than 10 screenshots per day. Some days it was very difficult to get even 2x 100x but some days pretty good daily hits were acquired with the first small deposit of the day.

So thanks again for a nice competition, @Jelena_PragmaticPlay :)

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