English Harbour


Dormant account
Oct 15, 2004
OK, to be fair, other casinos are guilty of this, too, but I'm posting this because I hate junk e-mail and "personal" offers that are actually not valid at all.

I've played at English harbour before, but I closed down my account some time ago. Now I got an e-mail saying, try out our brand new software etc, open a new account and receive $5 free!

OK, I was curious as to what their new software was like and downloaded it, attempted to open an account, but didn't work. Went to Live Chat, and the rep said "disregard the offer. you cannot have more than one account in the casino. Thanks for contacting us. Bye!" *POOF* he was gone.

Great service, eh. I don't even have an account there anymore. What a waste of time. To think I'd actually deposited with them in the past, without bonuses, and never made any withdrawals....well, they can keep their new software.


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