Dr Ho site is down


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Hope your name aint Stanley,otherwise you are desparately close.


If this site has really folded,dont worry because I think the site owner will pay back all deposits and winnings as he wouldnt dare to ruin his reputation and give the Macau Government to chuck him out of land-based casinos given the intense competition from the venetian and Sands.


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It's up now.


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The web page is up but i cannot log on. Keep getting some server error message. I did get an email response from customer support stating that "some of our customers" may experience some temporary problems logging in due to system maintenance. I have been unable to login for over 18 hours...I will advise when i am able to get back in...I am not worried about them leaving I just find it odd that for a major operation they have "system maintenance" that keeps some customers from logging for such a long period of time..


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major upgrade

I remembered reading this thread the other day and just received an email from Dr. Ho's website that they did a major upgrade and it is back up now. They apologized for any delay, as the upgrade took longer than expected.

Hope this may help those that play there.