DOJ conducting raids in Canada


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Jun 24, 2006
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Hear from former Absolute Poker Vice President.

Weekly webcast for the online gaming industry. This week's show from Costa Rica at the Poker Industry Expo. Interviews with industry experts and industry news.

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Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters
Very interesting video containing information I think most of use had a hinkling would go down after the bill was signed. Though, the Canadian DoJ sh#t was a shocker.

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is down, maybe not strange but its root folders are showing, have they been hacked???
I don't think they have been hacked. But JTodd is in CR for the Poker convention and can't access to fix right now.

Should be back up right after he gets back.
This report comes from Costa Rica where J. Todd was apparently filming his weekly You Tube program "on location" at a poker event and interviewing a guy called Gian Perroni, who is a past VP for Absolute Poker.

It's interesting, because Perroni claims that RCMP members visited the premises of an independent marketing company in the Vancouver area that was (is?) working for Absolute and apparently their business cards implied that they were working in conjunction with the American Department of Justice.

This all happened around the third week in November.

Unfortunately, Perroni doesn't say too much about what they were doing there (something I would have thought the manager of the operation would ask, together with any warrants before letting them in or answering their questions.) Perroni merely says that they "asked questions all about the operation there."

Unless the motive was intimidation (and Perroni says he believes that to be the case) it doesn't give much idea of what was going on, and the APCW report does not indicate whether they approached the Canadian authorities for confirmation and a statement on the issue.

We'll try and do that to shed a little more light on the subject.
Just another, and perhaps unrelated comment on this.

Around about second or third week in November the rumours started flying that Absolute Poker and Ultimatebet were about to merge, with an announcement of this move imminent....then it all went dead and nothing further was heard.

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