Did anyone else get fooled by the misleading river belle promo?


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Hi I am new to the forum here but not to Internet gaming...I was wondering if anyone else got fooled by the misleading current river belle mardi gras $25 promo? Here's an excerp of what their promo email stated:...... Grab MARDI GRAS GOLD:
1. Make a SINGLE purchase of US$25 on board The 'Belle
from 18h00 (6pm) EST, Friday, February 08, 2002,
until 18h00 (6pm) EST, Sunday, February 10, 2002.

You can purchase using FirePay, PayPal or your
Credit Card!

2. Once you have made your SINGLE purchase of US$25,
claim your US$25 FREE, IMMEDIATELY!

To claim your US$25, click here: ( removed this link for my own security)..............................OK so I went to paypal ON THE 8th and paid and confirmed with the belle, and they sent me an email saying :Dear XXXXXX(my name)

Thank you for taking part in our Mardi Gras US$25 FREE

Your River Belle Gaming Account, XXXXXXXXXXX will be
credited within 72 hours, once approved.

Warm regards,

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THE RIVER BELLE..........................................Within one minute I recieved another email that states:Dear xxxxxxx(my name again)

Unfortunately, you did not qualify for the promotion for
the following reason(s):

The promotion does not start until the Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 12 AM.

First Mate

THE RIVER BELLE......................
WHERE DO THEY GET OFF WHEN THEIR OWN PROMO EMAIL SAYS THE 8TH WAS A_OK??? BEWARE! I have spent way to much money at this casino and they are going to rip me off for a measly $25 bucks? I guess they don't want my business anymore? Bad business judgement on their part in my opinion.....Thanks for the use of the forum to vent and warn future river belle users. There promos are possible fakes,, shifting dates like that!


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This doesn't make any sense. I've requested that the casino respond and clarify this email.



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This seems to be a frequent occurrence with
many casino's. Arguing over time frames, nit
picking over minor points, and such.

Why do these casino's keep e-mailing out
all these "wonderful" offers, and then
"hassle" players who take them up on them??

Geez.... You would think they would understand
by now all the "problems" that are caused by
this type of "arguing" over such insignificant
points as this! Guess not!!


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This has to be just a mistake.
I played this very promotion, and I deposited on the 8th after 6 PM. I got my bonus with no problem.
Of the 50 or so places I've played, Riverbelle has been among the very best for customer service, despite their association with the questionable Proc Cyber Services for E-cash services.


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Hello again everyone. Thanks admin for trying to help. I could go as far as taking a screen shot of my paypal page and uploading it to the web to prove I paid proc cyber on the 8th, but I agree with mrracetrack, about the nitpicking. I went back again and reclicked that email link to qualify and got the same response, "I could not qualify for the free chips". Maybe it's a paypal issue, but the money did show up on my river belle account to play with which usually means to me that proccyber & the belle should know that the payment went through paypal and at what time of the evening.....oh well, life goes on, I even went back the other night and played $20 in chips just to get over it. It's not like the offer I lost out on was a lot of money. I was as surprised to have it happen to me as you are to hear me tell it on this forum....So far I haven't ever played at other casinos other than the belle, so I guess it's time to look around.
Thanks for listening :) pixel


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Hi forum! Well right when I decide to let the issue drift into the past, I get this email today:
Hi there xxxxx,

Thank you for contacting The River Belle Casino.

You will be pleased to know that the amount of $25.00 will be available
to you within the following 4 hours.

We hope that we have been of service to you and would like to thank you
for your support.

Should you require further assistance please feel free to contact our
friendly helpdesk operators. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week for your convenience.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Agent
Thank you forum and thank you Christian at the belle, it may have taken a few days but I really do appreciate the show of good will in correctin this issue. All is well! pixel :)


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Why does it seem that whenever a
"problem" regarding a casino is
posted in a forum, that the casino
all of a sudden "corrects" this
in a very timely fashion?

Why can't they take care of this
when the player requests assistance
PRIOR to posting a public grievance?

Food for thought??


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This is one reason why we have forums...