Cyberthrill Casino SCAM


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Oct 29, 2002
Bryan everytime you send out the newsletter I think you are sending me a telling off sermon probably because it comes thru as from ---owner casinomeister
why not change this to big B casinomeister

OY YANNI you are now famous mentioned in the newsletter

Steve he could never copy any of our posts to many [color=ff0000]••••[/color] 'S


If he called it the red dot forum highlights, we would be in there. Very interesting about this cyberthrill casino connection.


I had a good experience with Casino Fantasy and Casino Treasure, I never did bother linking to Cyberthrill though as I hadn't played there. If anyone ever does have a problem with either of those please let me know ASAP and I will look into it, thanks!! :)



Hi, I recently (a couple of months ago) played in 5 casinos with virtually the same software. cyberthrill, casino treasure, casino fantasy, las vegas city casino and casino triumph. All paid my winnings by check really quickly, although I've noticed that cyberthrill and casino triumph are both not available any more. Also I noticed that casino triumph had the cyberthrill logo on their check so they are probably connected. Cyberthrill were very good at answering emails and so were casino triumph. When I emailed casino treasure they replied as if they were casino fantasy (that's how I found casino fantasy!) so they must be linked. Las Vegas City Casino never replied but at least I got the winnings even if I never got the $5 for referring someone.

By the way Cyberthrill explicitly said in an email that they were not affiliated with casino treasure (I asked because the software was the same).

By the way, anyone know any others with this software (I like the free $30- usually I only deposited $2 to get $30 free). I've seen casinodesire a while ago but it wouldn't accept my credit card for some reason maybe because they are connected with one of the others I already played.


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Oct 6, 1999
Dear Bryan,

Thank you for clearing up the confusion regarding ownership of these casinos. I am glad to hear that Casino Treasure and Casino Fantasy have a good reputation, and have earned the Casinomeister seal of approval.

You state that the turnkey provider should not be blamed for the business practices of its licensees. I disagree. A turnkey provider makes a large percentage of the licensees' profits every month. Therefore it must accept at least partial responsibility for its licensees' actions. If a licensee runs a scam and cheats hundreds of webmasters out of money owed, the turnkey provider should terminate all buniness dealings with this licensee. If it does not, then it is knowingly promoting the licensee's scam, and profiting from it.

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