Cyberthrill Casino SCAM



Don't touch CyberThrill Casino - they are a scam. Check the facts by doing a search on CyberThrill Casino in AltaVista search engine.

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Hello everyone,

I apologize for bringing this up. I know most of you already know this. If you dont, you should have scrolled down to the bottom of the page for the forum. LOL

I too have been scammed by cyberthrill casino. I first started advertising for them in the beginning of Feb 1999. Almost immediately I began getting mail from people who said that they have never received payment for their ads. However, I did not want to discredit their company without at least giving them a chance, so I left their banners up for about a month.

After a month, cyberthrill casino owed me just a little over $200 for advertising revenues. I immediately removed all banners from their site, and began sending daily email bills to cyberthrill for the amount that they owed me. I also made a few usenet postings about the subject, and found that after one day my mailbox was flooded with over 100 letters from other webmasters telling me all about what they had gone through as well. The highest amount I have been told so far is from one webmaster who says they owe him over $2000. I also received several emails from people stating that they were owed over $700.

Anyway, my reason for bringing this up is that I have not heard from enough people. I am currently putting together a new website devoted entirely to exposing them for their fraud. I already have many people who were ripped off on advertising revenues who will allow me to use their comments on my site. However, I have never heard anything in relation to customers.

Has anyone out there ever actually gambled at this casino? If so, did you win anything? If you did, did you actually receive payments for you winnings?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Jerry Garner
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CyberThrill are one of the 22 or so online casinos I've played. Only First Live haven't paid me. Cyber Thrill paid me pretty quickly too. At the moment they are giving $30 or $35 I'm not sure on first deposits (which can be as little as $1 to get this free but I deposited $20). I got the cheque within a week (I'm in UK). They are very similar to Casino Treasure but when I emailed about it they said they were not affiliated with casino treasure. I also questioned them about there reputation and they said that they pay promptly except where credit card fraud is suspected etc.. I was pretty pleased with them anyway.

I have noticed that complaints have been made by webmasters and not gamblers. I had heard of their bad reputation before I played there but I played there anyway and wasn't disappointed. I think they could be justifiably not paying some webmasters because click through rates of banners is meant to be less than 0.5% of all visitors to a site or something, so if a site which gets 1000 visitors a day then that site should only generate 5 click throughs a day. If the amount of clickthroughs are widely different to that then they are justified in not paying and suspecting cheating.
No business in justified in not paying for clicks unless they can Prove the clicks are bogus, just because they think someone is cheating does not mean that they are cheating.
Cyberthrill casino has been SHUT DOWN, and at least as of right now, is NOT PAYING PLAYERS.
One user on the forum claims that he bought in with $600 and won another $600.
Not only aren't they paying his winnings, but they haven't even credited back his original $$.

This casino uses the SAME turnkey provider as:
Casino Triumph
Casino Fantasy
Casino Treasure


LVHM - I am glad you started your own casino,
and I hope you are a success, but you chose the wrong turnkey provider to deal with.
(I appreciate the greets on your webpage!) There's an article in Forbes magazine about Cyberthrill, and the article claims hundreds of webmasters haven't been paid, and users online have accused the games of being rigged. I personally was burned by Cybertrhill a long time ago. Perhaps, LVHM, you should become a reseller until you have more $$ to invest.

can you assist in this cyberthrill link with these casinos' as I see you advertise casino fantasy on you casinos' list

Whilst I donot doubt Dave R who is very reliable I am somewhat interested I presume you have always been paid or you would have let us know

good man

ps time for an archive?????
Hit mob... You can do a search at Search for cyberthrill casino. It seems that most complaints are from Resellers. I have read at least 50 articles about them. Everyone has said that they are crooked when it comes time to pay you.

Do they show you the peoples names that sign up or just how many?

Maybe I could test it for you the same way that
you helped me test the rags to riches casino and starnet. Let me know, but if you bought a cyberthrill casino you should be very careful before dumping good money into advertising.

Test it by having different people sign up and play for 20.00. Even if you have to send those people their 20 dollars, that is far better then getting ripped off. If you need any help, let me know. Dealing with those assholes at starnet, I got real good and checking out the reseller and owners software
Tested it my self won as you can see by the minus figure

Profit Statistics From Earliest To Present Date Last Processed Transaction Date Daily Cash Flow Chips on Hands Change of Chips Daily Profit Period Profit Active Clients To Date
1999-11-22 1999-11-21 -1190.00 1.75 +1.75 -1191.75 -1191.75 1
1999-11-23 1999-11-21 0 1.75 0 0 -1191.75 1
1999-11-24 1999-11-21 0 1.75 0 0 -1191.75 1
1999-11-25 1999-11-21 0 1.75 0 0 -1191.75 1
1999-11-26 1999-11-21 0 0.00 -1.75 +1.75 -1190.00 1
ok went to altavita checked cyberthrill yes very dodgy then checked casino fantasy and up popped an advert from them so alta vita must ok them???????

foxy babe shaz you link to them if I remember any comments (Steve rattle her cage)

Bryan is obviously on holiday again as he has left the phantom red dot man to run the shop

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microgaming who won that last jackpot it does not appear to be on your website www.cashsplashdont pay sorry that should be you should have declared the winner by now surely








Damn hit mob! I am getting the feeling that microgaming has pissed you off real good.

While your screaming at them. Tell them that that liar at caesars still has not paid me. He said he would. He is a lying sack of [color=ff0000]••••[/color].
gotta love those [color=ff0000]••••[/color] red dots
Steve I agree they are a bunch of [color=ff0000]••••[/color] faces they know they are wrong but will they admit it or are they frightened they will open the floodgates if they admit they are wrong

We'll see
I wonder if Bryan can read behind those dots. You know since the dot system was enacted, posting has been easy. say what you want, the red dots will take care of it

It is not in microgaming's best interest to admit that they or any of their casinos have done wrong.
They all hide behind the internet. Go to a land base casino and have a problem and you can get right in the casino managers face.

But on the internet these chicken [color=ff0000]••••[/color] owners hide behind their email accounts. They lie, overcharge, not pay. We will see what happens.
In the meantime, the best internet casino is still at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
You have a point Steve how many cases of overcharging at rags to riches have ever been posted here or anywhere on the net--- none

how many progressive jackpots have you scammed from people---again none

how many largejackpots have you paid out----quite a few

the only problem with r t r is the owner who is really ugly apart from that rtr gets a thumbs up

BRYAN OR SHARON ANY WORD ON CASINO FANTASY OR WHATEVER ITS CALLED ????? Maybe you are both shacked up in that little German chalet Bryan has retired to??

Morse code;

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Casino Trumph is NOW SHUT DOWN!!


I am not saying Casino Treasure or Casino Fantasy is under the same ownership as Cyberthrill. I am simply saying that the TURNKEY PROVIDER is the same. The software is IDENTICAL. ALL GAMES ARE THE SAME. If this turnkey provider were reputable, they would not allow Cyberthrill to stay online for 2-3 years ripping of hundreds of webmasters. Check altavista and you'll find a couple of websites almost entirely setup to expose Cyberthrill as a scam. Cyberthrill made up every phony excuse in the book when it came to paying the $$ owed. The Forbes artictle states that users on the old RGT online message forums accused them of rigging the games. I have read other websites that state this, but since internet gaming is completely unregulated, there is simply no proof. The negative article by Forbes magazine is just the tip of the iceburg. There are so many links (using altavista or other search engines) to complaints about Cyberthrill,
you wonder how they've been able to say in business. As far as Casino Triumph goes, a Casinomeister member, Evqueni Jourjine, recently posted a message claiming that she couldn't withdraw her $30 bonus even after she gambled the required amount and followed all the casnio's rules and regulations. She claims that the casino invalidated her credit card (perhaps by calling up and reporting it lost or stolen), and then refused to pay, since the credit card was invalid.
Dear All,

I've just returned from a short weekend road-trip and am dismayed at finding such negative comments regarding Casino Treasure and Casino Fantasy. Both of these casinos have been given the seal of Casinomeister's approval for some time now and I'm sure there is some misunderstanding concerning the links between Cyberthrill and Grandvirtual. I will contact their reps today and see what they have to say.

I have had virtually no complaints from anyone dealing with these casinos at all.


Bryan - your website is one of the most valuable resources on the internet for choosing an online casino. Your opinions and recommendations are important to me, and I have found them to be excellent, overall. You have proven yourself to me not to be biased by your advertisers, and your messages are straightforward and honest. However, this is one instance where I find myself disagreeing with you.

Give me some credit where credit is due. I clarified my original statment in the second message I posted. I never said the two casinos were owned by the same company. However, what I did say about the turnkey provider being the same is accurate. The entire downloadable software package is identical in every way to that of Cyberthrill, and there are many, many players who can verify this. I have spent many hours playing at Cyberthrill with free chips (the software refers to these chips as "zero" chips) in pratcice mode, so I know this better than anyone.

Something very strange recently occurred to me. When Cyberthrill originally went online over 3 years ago, they were a Roulette only casino. At that time, the mailing address on thier website was 3151 Rainbow in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a year online, thier company name changed to Internet Entertainment Corp, and the mailing address was in Canada. Now, however, Casino Fantasy and Treasure lists that same Las Vegas address on the website. Although this is not solid proof that the casinos are under same ownership, it is proof that they are somehow directly linked together. The user, Evqueni Jourjine, who was ripped off by Casino Triumph, would be able to confirm that Cyberthrill, Casino Fantasy and Treasure run the same software.

Have you ever played at Cyberthrill, Bryan?
In the coming days, I'll give you all the proof
you need to make the connection.
Dear Dave,

Apparently, we were writing our posts around the same time, thus our wires became crossed. It is indeed true that Cyberthrill licensed software developed by Ultra Internet Media. Casino Triumph, incidently was another licensee that used the same software. Both have closed down recently, but Grand Virtual's in-house casinos, Casino Fantasy and Casino Treasure seem to be doing well with many happy players.

Blaming the "turnkey provider" for the business operations of its licensees doesn't make much sense. That's like blaming Allaire for dishonest practices on a website that was created with Homesite 4.0.

Casino Triumph and Cyberthrill were operated by completely different companies than Casino Fantasy and Casino Treasure. I have played at these casinos myself and have enjoyed them. I can scarcely remember anyone having a problem with these casinos except for one complaint of an individual who didn't receive a check from them over a year ago. I notified Casino Fantasy and they promptly replied taking care of the situation immediately.

Casino Fantasy and Casino Treasure have gained a reputation as being reputable casinos, and I think it will be hard to find players with complaints about them. Let's be fair. If complaints are to be made, let them start here.


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