Crystal Palace Not Paying - Oliver Curran Can You Help!!!!!


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Jul 19, 2006
Yes, I should have researched this site before downloading the software I received in the mail from Crystal Palace with $300 free money.

I requested a withdrawal for $738 on 6/18, received approval on 6/24 for overnite express to deliver to my street address requiring a signature on delivery.

After countless calls, with excuses of courier problems, slow accounting problems, call back in 24 hours, wait til Monday, etc. etc. The last contact I had with the 800# 24/7 help I was told I had to email the support@crystal Well, I'm sure none of you are email address was denied any delivery to their support email address.

Somebody please shoot me. This may not be alot of $$$ to some, but to me it is totally unacceptable. Please suggest any recourse I may have.

I could not copy the log conversation on the live support because of my lack of computer savvy. The rest of the contacts were to the 800#. I have email Oliver Curran.........will let all know how that turns out....

Update on Crystal Palace

Mr. Curran called me on my cellphone within hours of my post here!!! The total withdrawal amount is in my firepay account

I am certainly pleased with this quick response to my payout problem.

This turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise.

Kudos to Mr. Curran and his favorable resolution to my problem!!!

Bravo! Always happy to see a player get paid! :thumbsup:

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