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Aug 1, 2003
I as per the recommended list of CM I signed up and played the crazy vegas sign up 100% promotion. Being impressed with there Customer Support and quick payouts I decided to make another larger deposit there and play some JOB in search of my first royal flush. I recieved their 15% neteller deposit bonus and started to play 2.50$ hands of JOB eventually reaching the wagering requirements, which are rather lofty and cashed out a 100$ profit. No royal though :( .

Two days later I recieve this odd email:

Unfortunately we are no longer able to give you further purchase bonuses (15%)
at Vegas Partner Lounge Casinos. This special purchase bonus is restricted to
loyal members of the casinos that have proven to play in excess of the minimum
wagering requirements and play a variety of games. We have also noticed that you
currently have a cash in for the amount of $1100.00 at Crazy Vegas Casino, this
cash in will not be affected by these playing conditions and will be processed
Our Cash in Manager will be in touch with you shortly.
We simply must spend our bonus funds rewarding loyal players, although should
your playing habits change for a significant period of time in the future it
would be our privilege to offer you a special bonus again at that time.
In the meantime, you are most welcome to continue playing with us.
Vegas Partner Lounge Casinos are Crazy Vegas, Sun Vegas, Cinema, Arthurian and
777 Dragon Casinos.
We strive to give you the best online gambling experience of your life, offering
you Fiery promotions all the time and backing our services up with a 24hour toll
free helpdesk service.

Contact us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any other queries or

The Support Team
Vegas Partner Lounge"

The thing that gets me here is why do they have requirements to begin with? Why dont they say if you dont either wager far beyond the WR's or at least lose most of your money you will be labelled a bonus abuser. This was only my second deposit at Crazy Vegas and yes I admit I did not wager far beyond the WR, probably about 75-100$ over but how does this define me as a bonus abuser? This vague definition of bonus abuser is a dangerous thing, I ask the managers at Crazy Vegas to come and please define exactly what a bonus abuser is. "This special purchase bonus is restricted to
loyal members of the casinos that have proven to play in excess of the minimum
wagering requirements and play a variety of games." The problem is I usually play either BJ (which is not allowed with bonus credits) or JOB. I guess they only want slot players at Crazy Vegas, or gamblers who are prone to loss of control. I myself do it recreationally and would have made many more deposits at crazy vegas, but I guess since I didnt lose all my money I am unwanted there.
Looking over their email, they never mention bonus abuse.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>This special purchase bonus is restricted to
loyal members of the casinos that have proven to play in excess of the minimum
wagering requirements and play a variety of games. <hr size=0>​
Perhaps they are being leery with any "possible" abuse. Maybe they can make a comment on this. I don't beleive it has anything to do with not "losing" there.
Well, considering they are honoring the cash in, I believe it's well within their rights to further restrict bonuses at their own discretion. There is no precedent I know of which forces a casino to offer bonuses.
The email the sent me had the subject BONUS ABUSE. Being that it was only my second deposit and that I fullfilled all their requirements I find it odd that they labelled me this.
The casino's has the right to offer bonuses or not, but, if one does, then damn it, they should be professional enough to pay the cash in if a player wins and has met their wagering requirements. Wager 20X your deposit and bonus, then bitch because one does and cashes out?

Bad practice!! Bad business! Infantile actions!!
They did pay it jinnia, they just told him he won't get any more bonuses.
Yes jpm, I understood them to have paid. But according to guy, they also referred to him as a Bonus Abuser, even after making a deposit with them and meeting their requirements to make a withdrawal?

In my opinion, the online casino industry (90% of) is a Player Abuser!!

(DELETE) Had more, but what's the use?
The reality of this type of situation, which is becoming more & more common, is that the casinos really do want to give out the bonuses to players that play keno, slots, scratch cards, and any other game that has a high house edge.

When a disciplined blackjack player deposits, and plays with the intent of "actually winning" :eek: the casino then views you as
"non deserving" of any bonus. This really IS the mindset of many casinos today.

If a slot or keno player wins, they have no problem with that. A "sharp" blackjack player "is" viewed as an unwanted commodity by most casinos, and they surely don't want to give you any "bonuses" to entice you to continue to play there.
If you got paid then this is really a none issue, the casino will suffer enough if they wish to ban promotions from people. Their is enough competition out there that the casino will learn soon enough that the amount of players hitting their casino will dwindle because so many other casinos offer deposit bonuses.
This is an 'Issue' indeed!!

Whether they paid or not, the casino set the rules, then it was met, and now they more or less have called guy a bonus abuser by the subject line in the email this casino sent him, having "Bonus Abuse" in it.

They are covering up their intent by NOT putting into plain text every detail they want a player to do before requesting a cash-in or accept a bonus. They know the majority of people won't accept it nor play there if they did so, they are being deceptive in their behaviour, so yes, this is an issue!!
Maybe they should list bonuses "for our VIP players". They could then define VIP player anyway they wish.
People who wager over $5000 per month.
Play a variety of games.
You,re suppose to lose stupid!! If you come and win your first time there, then they,re not happy! Crazy Vegas is not all that it,s cracked up to be as far as top sites voting on, and other places that say the customer service is so good. I had my dealings with them, and I can tell you that they are by far the worst customer support casino that I,ve ever dealt with. They told me that I bounced a check with them through Firepay...and when I told them over and over that there must be some kind of mistake, they said I was lying and wrote that they are going to take more drastic measures to get their money. (whatever that meant) It came down to me contacting Firepay and begging them to please send these assholes proof that I have paid them and that my check was good. Firepay read their letters to me and basically told them that they had gotten paid...and to leave me alone. And after all this...they still acted like it was my fault, and gave a half-hearted apology. I,ll never play with them again!
Dont jump to blame firepay mistakes on a casino group. I went down that same road, firepay just kept sending me emails saying my account was still in good standing and that was about all the involvement they wanted, needless to say even though my firepay account is open i dont use it. The only thing i dont like about these groups is how they are quick to assume it was you that scammed and not a firepay error.
This is not a case of jumping to conclusions my friend. Firepay was in fact the proof I needed to get these guys off my back...and they came through for me with proof of payment in writing to that casino. Even though I had documentation of my own..the casino group didn,t accept it. Only when Firepay stuck their copies under their noses did they believe!
Back to the main subject though, say you went into a land based casino and played BJ and started winning big. They have every right to tell you that you're no longer welcome in their casino any longer, and to take your chips & leave. This is done all the time to card counters and other extra-lucky players.

This is essentially what Gaming Club did, but to a lesser extent. They didn't say you're no longer welcome, they just said you are no longer welcome to our regular bonuses unless you show that you are going to play when you don't have a bonus. They even said at that time they would give him a "special bonus".

This is really not as big a deal as some are making it out to be. Perhaps the wording they used in the subject of their message could have been better, but that's about it. How about if they said "Advantage Player" instead of "Bonus Abuser", would that make it all better?
The thing is the bonus comes automatically after you deposit, actually about 2 hours after deposit. How can they label someone a bonus abuser if they fulfill and exceed the requirements of the bonus. What constitutes non bonus abuse. I guess to Crazy Vegas only players with no self control that lose tons of money are welcome at their casino. The ridicules part is I won such a petty amount. Being that I would have made a number of deposits following this last one which they labelled me a bonus abuser is so dumb on the casinos part that it is beyond comprehension.

And BTW JPM, Vegas casinos, having more sense then Crazy Vegas treat their winners very well knowing that it will keep them coming back and eventually the house will win. Perhaps Crazy Vegas has somethings to learn when it comes to business. Giving derogatory and offensive labels with very little information to players who are making large deposits to their casino is probably the stupidest business move I could think of.
They do treat winners of things such as Slots, VP, or progressive game jackpots well in vegas, but try going in and winning big & consistently on BJ and you'll be treated very differently. They will ASSUME you are counting cards and escort you out. Some will do this with craps players as well, accusing you of 'setting the dice'.

They like big winners on games with big house edge like slots because so many saps will come in and pour money into them and the house will make money. They don't like it when you have the edge over them in a skill game like BJ.
I was playing VP for the record. And a highroller is a highroller. In the terms of online casinos, I was willing to deposit 10000k a month into this casino which I feel is highroller status for online. Being treated this way, labelled a bonus abuser after 2 deposits is absurd and simply bad business. Oh well Ill simply take my money eleswhere where I am treated with a level of respect which a large deposit player deserves.
I made a 2500$ deposit only because that was the neteller limit. Would have been 10k but it wouldnt let me. Beleive it or not it is true and sorry for crazy vegas but the cash will be going eleswhere.
This is a good group. They pay very fast, amount notwithstanding. If they don't like your business they'll deny you bonuses. They certainly won't refuse to pay previously awarded bonuses if they decide subsequently they don't want your action.

I don't see much of a problem here.
They sent me a $25 we miss you bonus the other day and I cranked it up to $150. Cashed out and had it in 2 days with no complaints.

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