Poll Champions League 2020 Final: Bayern Munich vs Paris Saint Germain?

Who Will Win?

  • PSG

  • Bayern

  • PSG - Overtime

  • Bayern - Overtime

  • PSG - Penalty Shootout

  • Bayern - Penalty Shootout

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Just watching it on YT

There's so many connections between these two. PSG have a German manager, Kehrer, Draxler, Bernat (ex-Bayern) and so forth.

Bayern have Pavard (WC France winner), Kingsley Coman (ex-PSG), Hernandez, Cuisance etc

And the game's finally kicking into gear. Alphonso Davies has been disappointing though, looks like a touch of the nerves!

And bloody hell Hargreaves has got fat
Wasn't the '82 WC considered the greatest? I'd imagine it was, apart from one or two little 'arrangements' in the group stages let's just say! I don't recall much of that tournament, in fact nothing. My first football sentience occurred with Mexico '86, now that was a spiffing one from recollection

But yes, that Harald Schumacher bulldozer pincer movement was legendary. I'd say it was more shoulder-to-shoulder, personally

*he did offer to pay for the French player's teeth, which was nice
Lol...when Austria laid down for Germany haha, and the convenient 0-0 in the qualifying at Wembley between England and Northern Ireland that ensured the Ulstermen went through with us. Mind you, they did well when when there, beating the hosts Spain which England couldn't....I remember 90,000 England fans chanting "It's a fix, it's a fix....it's a fix, it's a fix it's a fix..."

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