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Apr 4, 2005
I suggest if anyone is disturbed by the antics of certain casinos (e.g. Jackpot Factory below) trying to game the search engines, they report them via the Google page:

Report the offenders here:
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Here are Google's policies:

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Which prohibit 'misleading or irrelevant words'

If we keep on top of casinos using spam techniques like this, then they should learn their lesson and it should stop.

Here's some examples of the kind of content that should be reported to google

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Ruth was measuring her room for the new casino slot games she wanted to order. She had spoken to a famous interior decorator and had been told that casino slot games were the thing this season. If she wanted to be really in, she should decorate her home with casino slot games. And not just any casino slot games, but the Royal casino slot games. That would make everyone talk. According to the interior decorator, all the jet set and fashionable people were using only the Royal casino slot games. Anything else would appear to be guache. Ruth certainly didn't want to appear gauche, so she decided to go along with the Royal casino slot games, though they were much more expensive than the regular casino slot games.

Too Many Casino Slot Games?
Ruth had decided to put two casino slot games in one corner of the living room, and another three casino slot games in the opposite corner. She hoped that she wasn't going overboard. She had heard the saying 'you can'thave too much money or too many casino slot games' but she wasn't sure. The two casino slot games were to be peach colored, while the three casino slot games in the opposite corner were to be banana colored. She had been assured by her decorator that it would be just right. Ruth sighed. Personally, she would rather put lamps in the corners, but if casino slot games were in, then casino slot games it would be. It wasn't easy being fashionable.

Promoting the smoking of marijuana [a coffee shop in Amsterdam is a place to purchase and smoke cannabis]:

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The Casinos Coffee shop
Down in the heart of Amsterdam lies a little coffee shop that known would know the wiser of what transpired in its depths. This is the Casinos Coffee Shop, a state of the art casino disguised as a coffee shop. Actually, let me correct myself. It is a coffee shop and a casino in one. The Casinos Coffee Shop is a landmark in Amsterdam. Many have tried to imitate its concept and charm - with casinos popping up all over Amsterdam - but know can quite capture the magic that is The Casinos Coffee Shop.

Mellow Amsterdam Casinos
The Casinos Coffee Shop has anything other casinos have: a black jack table, a roulette table, a craps table, slot machines, and much, much more. The Casinos Coffee Shop also doubles as a coffee shop (hence the name) so the clients are very often, let's just say, more mellow, than regular casino customers. It actually makes for quite the cozy atmosphere. Of all the casinos I've been to (and I've been to enough!), The Casinos Coffee Shop is the most chill, sweet, innocent and delightful I've been to. I would highly recommend the Casinos Coffee Shop to all and all alike on their next trip to Amsterdam. Slots and smoke - what more could you ask for?

The Casinos Coffee Shop is a first rate coffee shop and casino located in Amsterdam. Casinos come and go, but this one is special!

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The casino clock was a family heirloom and one that had been left to me by my Great Grandmother. It was a subject of much dissension within the family because my Aunts and Uncles felt and verbalized their feelings frequently that the casino clock should have been left to them. Not only was the casino clock a beautiful piece of work, it was also extremely valuable and depicted various scenes from the early century where the master woodcarver Casino Rodriguez had shown life in the market place around Buckingham Palace. The casino clock showed fruit sellers and flower sellers with their wares beseeching passers-by to purchase from them. The casino clock showed scenes of foxhunting with the gentry riding with the hounds.

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Blackjack Reduction
When preparing my annual Income Tax Return, I always list as many deductions as possible in the hopes that the tax authorities will send me a refund. I soon realized that the monthly amounts I spent on blackjack were 20 percent of my monthly earnings, and I decided to list blackjack as one of my major deductions together with medical costs and office expenses. I was assuming that money spent on blackjack was as important and essential as money spent on medicines. However, the tax authorities seemed to feel that blackjack was not an approved deduction. I received a summons from the tax authorities to discuss the subject of blackjack.

Blackjack and the Tax Authorities
The tax clerk at the tax authorities' offices told me immediately upon my arrival there, that they would definitely not approve blackjack as a deduction from income tax. I explained to them how important blackjack was to me. I also told them that blackjack was an integral part of my life and, most importantly, an integral part of my work. The tax clerk was not impressed. He was very firm about the fact that no matter how great my expenses were on blackjack, he was not going to approve the blackjack deduction. Very disappointed, I went home to redo my tax return. In order to raise my spirits a bit, I poured myself a glass of wine and went back to my blackjack.

Spamming DOES NOT PAY.

Please report a spammer today. Google WILL remove the sites from their index.
Spamming DOES NOT PAY.

Unfortunately to some it does. Hence the number of rubbish cloaked websites filling the search engine results. You report one to google/yahoo/msn, another ten appear in their place.

The Casinos need to lead by example and ensure their affiliates do not engage in this practice. Many reputable programs do police their affiliate network, but others ( Mentioning no names, you know who you are! ) turn a blind eye to this practice and some even directly partcipate in it.

No wonder the Online Gambling Industry is regarded by many search engine optimisers as a bad neighbourhood.
Still time to report them to Google...

I'm amazed they haven't removed the links. If it was my multi-million dollar business, I would get all the web people I had and not let them go home until they were all gone.

Amazing incompetence.
It is amazing how many casino operators cannot afford proper online marketers. One would think they have the means as they are successful. But it seems that the moment they start tasting money they loose all their intelligence and become completely blinded by their greed. The majority of casino operators unfortunately have to rely on their employees to make things work for them as the owners of these establishments only have the ability to look at figures and very often have very little if any knowledge of online marketing.

What I see happened here is perhaps a case of them employing an idiot SEO or outsourcing their SEO to a company that clearly do not know what they are doing. The reason I say this is the fact that the brand names was used by them. I mean risking the actual branded website to be banned is a completely idiotic thing to do for any business that want's to stay in business.

The irony involved is that if they did structure the online marketing strategies correctly they will probably kick major butt. SEO is powerful yes but only if implemented correctly in conjunction with the other online marketing techniques. They are doing it completely wrong. Someone in their operation is without a doubt taking decisions that will hurt this company in the long run. I think they need to smell the coffee and sent this person on an online marketing course.

Unfortunately we have to report them to Google and educate Google to automate detection processes within their algorithms and probably get their site banned in the process.

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