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Casinomeister Poker Room Suggestions

Discussion in 'Casinomeister's Poker Room' started by Casinomeister, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Here you can post your suggestions for Casinomeister-poker.com
    You must register/login in order to see the link.

  2. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    That just brings you to what seems to be a clone of the casinomeister.com home page. Do I need to look deeper?
  3. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Yes....deeper...deeper into my eyes....you're getting sleepy.....sleepy...sleeeeep...

    The site is set up mainly for people unaware of the Casinomeister main site (note it is a separate domain) - so yes, it is somewhat clone-ish.

    But I'll be setting up some site specific sections, mainly for tournaments, and also for poker info since this is a new thing for a lot of people. I'm looking for suggestions on anything specific poker players may find of use since I'm not a mind reader.

    Now before I snap my fingers, and awake you from your hypnotic state, click on my wish list link (in my signature) and spend a lot of money!!!

  4. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Damn!! I snapped my fingers too fast! You woke up before you clicked the link.

    I'll remember to wait awhile next time....
  5. MeMeMeMeMe

    MeMeMeMeMe Dormant account

    How about a guide to all the FreeRolls that are available noting :-

    1. The prize pool.

    2. Their frequency.

    3. Whether entry is really free or tied to points earned by playing in real money games.

    I think this would be really helpful for new poker players wishing to dip a toe in the water but who don't want their toes bitten off by some nasty shark, lol.
  6. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    Wow, I feel like I had a little nap there and dreamt I bought the casinomeister something frightfully expensive! What a dream.

    Thanks for the explaination. Maybe a different color scheme or something would be good to differentiate it from this site. How about green felt background? Give it more of that poker-ish feel!
  7. TAR

    TAR Dormant account

    A Casinomeister poker site! Yeaaay!

    I would like a listing of poker sites that give ya free money if you have an avatar of Larry Fine.

    But seriously folks, I look forward to the new site!


  8. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    lmao, I never in my life thought I'd read the word avatar in the same sentence with Larry Fine! Geniuses they were! Long live Jerry (aka Curly) and death to Joe Besser!!
  9. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Bryan and memememe I will do a collection of freerolls. As far as I know off the top of my head only prima skins offer what is truly a freeroll, and its for your first 48 hours of your signup. Absolute offers many satellite per day into their weekly AP challenge that is a freeroll. Victorias poker does several freerolls a week into a main event such as that too for much less money. Many freerolls are tied to points or make you win only bonus money you must work off. I will do a list soon unless someone beats me to it.

    I am working on my own poker portal Bryan but I will still contribute to your forums as always. The guy who owns pokeraddict.com wanted $3500 for it so I bought pokeraddict.net for $8. Maybe I will find a .com that is better and not that ridiculously priced. Good luck with the poker forum and if you have any ideas you want an opinion on just ask me here or email.
  10. MeMeMeMeMe

    MeMeMeMeMe Dormant account

    Pokeraddict - thanks for your fast and efficient response. BTW do let us know when your portal is live, I will subscribe to it.
  11. thetest32

    thetest32 Non-Gambler

    Oh dear... I think everyone's suddenly had the same idea.. I too am working on a poker portal!! :rolleyes: You think you have a good idea and then suddenly everyone's on the boat...LOL! Well good luck all - Meister, Addict etc. Looks like competition could be tight!!

  12. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    Get that .net site up and running and then trademark it. Once you do that you could file a complaint with Internic or whomever is the governing body of domains at that point to have the .com site turned over to you for free. It'd be like if you had microsoft.net and were just squating on it without any demonstrable reason for having it, and were refusing to transfer it to microsoft unless they payed you $100,000 for it. They would be able to file a claim for it based on their company name (or in your case, trademark name) and have it transferred for free. I hate when I see people charging ridiculous sums of money for a site they really have no claim to and aren't doing anything with.

  13. santo

    santo Dormant account

    I wouldn't reccomend that. I think if the domain was registered before you registered the trademark ICANN wouldn't rule in your favour, and you'd just waste fees.

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