Casino Vega Honors Old Debt


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Jun 15, 2007
A few years ago I was stiffed by Casino Vega to the tune of $4950. They claimed my winnings on blackjack and the blackjack progressive were illegitimate. You can see a summary of that issue here:

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Anyway I spread that complaint to many sites across the internet helping to cause a widespread "blacklist". About two weeks ago however, much to my surprise, I got an email saying that Casino Vega had changed management and wanted to reconcile the complaint. Since then I have gotten all the money they owed me. Now whether or not Casino Vega will start to operate as a fully legitimate casino I can not say. I know they had many other complaints against them. However I promised I would drop my complaint against them once I got my money which is what I am doing now. Any other players to whom they owe money should probably make a new inquiry. The new management may be more amenable as hopefully they will see the wisdom and greater profitability of running an on the level casino. Should Casino Vega resolve all their old debts as well as any money they voided on unfair circumstances I would recommend an upgrade from the rogue pit.


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Jun 30, 1998
They contacted me a few weeks ago requesting to be put on probation. I'm glad you got paid :thumbsup: