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Ha ha ha,

Yes, I saw this a few weeks ago. It looks likes Mike's swan song. Since his OPA site has just about dried up and blown away, this is about the only way he can try and get a little banner exposure.


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I got a good laugh from Mike's new site. But what gives him right to call other sites Prosititute Portals, when his own portal has been just that. Sheeeesh. He sounds like a hypocrite to me.

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Prostitute Portals
Lured by the pie in the sky Capitalist claims of instant riches and the belief of power has led some of the webs saddest individuals to open Portals of disrepute. Their mode of operandi is simply and one often followed by similar like minded retarded donkey strokers.

How they operate
First they open a Gambling Portal, and sign up for a multitude of "affiliate programs" whereby they get a cut of each casinos profits that they have agreed to promote. Common sense and Morality often go out the window and the desire for cash overwhelms these poor reatarded people, they are not fussy whether the casino is a quality operation they just want cash usually at the expense of an innocent population.

Like cuckoos who steal other birds nests these Prostitutes descend like a swarm of rampant locusts onto other people Portals, usually into their message boards/forums and start making outlandish claims in the mistaken belief that people will visit in hoards their low life portal. These people have no morals and are often too far gone to be offered help by Doctors. They spread lies, misunformation and Bullsh*t like the farmer spraying his filed with manure.Everyone involved in online gaming knows the rule - A quality profession gaming portal operator/owner would never dream of frequenting another portal, why would he want to unless he is desperate for traffic and attention.They also steal other peoples web designs and also bag all similar or even mispelt domain names, they people are mules. They must be extermininated [Endquote]

Mike -- What happened to your common sense and moraility when you decided to sell your soul to Playtech? (OPA Payout Verification)

More flaky BS from this phony minister of information. It seems you chose the correct theme to your site, Mike.


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That cracked me up as well Dave! I thought it was pretty funny to be reading about the "Prostitute Portals" while all these banner adds are flashing around the story! Is this guy mentally deranged or what?


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Mike Craig has a "history" of being ridiculous, dating back to WOL in 1999, where he posted as "LasvegasHitmob". (and a few other nic's)

It is pretty obvious that he "ain't hooked up right"... :eek2:


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Do a search here in the archives: hitmob, LVHM, etc.

I agree with Mrracetrack, the dude has a screw loose. And he screwed up big time. He lost all integrity when he sold out to Playtech with the OPA.

I agree wholeheartidly with Dave R on the curious absence of the OPA from the "Prostitute Portals". Sure he pokes fun at Cindy, but his OPA site mocks us all. I just ignore it.


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In all fairness to Mike, he does not make affiliate commissions from any of the casinos he advertises. He simply charges each casino a flat fee to put the banner on his site. (I believe the Gamemaster does the same thing on his website). So in that respect, Mike's site is still a step above other portals. However, what Mike did by selling his soul to Playtech was just plain wrong. The very least Mike could have done was to explain to Bryan where the profits went. Also, Mike now admits that his OPA is a for-profit portal. Some people are still fooled into thinking its a non-profit watchdog orginization.

As for Mike's old radio show at Casinogazette, I used to really enjoy it. Sure he was a little nuts at times, but he had a great sense of humor, a great voice for radio, and he did some good interviews with William Hill and other operators, while at the same time helping to expose the crooks. I think, in balance, his shows were very positive for the industry as a whole. Also, I enjoyed hearing Steve Adkins' show every week, and especially his interviews with the top brass at GSS. At the time, my perception was that Steve had done so much to try and clean up the industry. His orginization was the only true industry watchdog. It was because of Steve and the OPA that I had hope for a much brighter future for online gambling.

What a huge letdown it was for me to find out that the guy who had done more to police the industry than anyone else, was, himself a crook.
I am ashamed to admit that Steve had me totally fooled. He used to email me about all the times he used to spend the entire day barbequeing hamburgers for homeless people. He talked a lot about all the good things his food bank had done for his community.

Now I find out Steve will be spending more than 11 years in jail for stealing the donations from all those generous folks and using it to fund his gambling addiction. What a lowlife he is.

It seems, on the internet, people are never who they truly seem to be. You never truly get to know a person until you've be-friended them for several years (IN PERSON!)

As for Mike, I still respect him. He has done a lot of positive things in the past, but I think he got lured away by the same thing he accuses Cindy of being lured away by: MONEY. Unlike Bryan, I will not completely ignore him, since I still believe he has something positive to contribute. However, he has lost much of the credibility he earned with me, and I now take what he says with a large grain of salt.

Remember a long time ago when Mike made a "BANNER FREE ZONE"? So apparently at one time profits were not the priority with him. Times change. People change.


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Too bad I found this about 5 years late. I paid this guy at least $50,000 over a 15 month period that was nothing more than copied content from other sites he owned.He had a sweet $1600 USD a month making content for us for about 12 months and he took content from one site i bought from him and put it on my older site.Not to mention the large chunks i paid him to make me 3 other sites.He now uses his sister Hayley Church to accept payments too.