Casino Kingdom withdrawal - should I worry?


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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
Had a very nice day at Casino Kingdom last week - resulting in a $2000 withdrawal request on Thursday. Have never had a problem with withdrawals, although they were always much smaller. Called on Saturday to find out why it hadn't hit my account and was told it was the holiday, etc. etc. This morning I get this email. Given the recent forum discussions on this group, should I worry about getting my $2000?

Hello Lxxxxxxxxx,

Thanks so very much for your patience and understanding while we've looked into
the status of your withdrawal for you.

Firstly we would like to state that your patronage at our sites is of the utmost
importance to us. We have identified you as a loyal, genuine and fair player,
and your participation at our sites is an integral part of our establishment.

We hope to keep it that way.

As you are possibly aware, in early March, three of our brands were found to
have suffered a significant amount of suspect wagering (i.e. we identified a
large group of casino accounts displaying suspect wagering behavior). This has
been done at the expense of our loyal players, such as yourself, who deposit and
receive promotions on a regular basis. As a result of this, casino management
has been forced to take immediate action. This action involves a complete review
of the identified accounts a process that is both time consuming and labor

Our Accounts Department is working around the clock to identify the suspect
accounts, and this has resulted in a temporary strain on our staff resources.
We have 2 staff members from our Accounts Department dedicated to this task,
and as a consequence we have had to delay our withdrawal processing procedures
for a short time.

We anticipate that this audit and reconciliation will be completed within 7
days. We are all working together to ensure that this process is carried out as
smoothly as possible, and we truly do appreciate your patience.

I have sent your Firepay account details to our processing department so that
once payments can be made yours will be a priority. This will ensure that your
$2000 payment will be made to you at the first available time.

It is extremely important to us that you understand we are not inferring you are
part of this abusive group. Rest assured your winnings will be paid to you, we
just ask for your patience while we work through this to ensure that we can
continue to offer you the service and promotions that you are entitled to.

Kind Regards,

Accounts Department
Casino Kingdom
Don't count on being paid any time soon. It has been 3 weeks since I requested a withdrawal of about $500. If they won't provide me a satisfactory response by tomorrow, I will PAB. I got that same email you got about a week ago. The 7 days thing is pure BS. They first told us all 7 days about 17 or 18 days ago, I believe. I feel like I will get paid, but I think it's going to take CasinoMeister's help to get my money any time soon.
:lolup: lmao! this crock gets funnier everytime something new pops up. but that's only b/c i don't have any ICL accounts anymore :(

keep it up ICL, i don't think you have reached total bottom yet...

have they even defined what "SUSPECT WAGERING" is? and how that is wrong/inappropriate/illegal? or are casino management allowed to make up new terms on the fly?

for that matter, if they're certain that you're a legit player, WHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE TO WITHHOLD YOUR WINNINGS DUE TO SUPPOSEDLY "AUDIT REVIEW" ON ACTIONS OF OTHERS?

can you imagine the uproar in vegas if a casino down there tried to pull this scam? "hey listen buddy, i'm sorry but we can't let you cashin your chips today cause coupla high-rollers just won 10 million dollars on the blackjack tables. we think they might be card counting, so we have to review the video footage a couple billion times or until a genie pops out of it. but uh.. come back and visit us next vacation, we just might be able to help you out then..."
It is unreal isnt it.

No wonder so many friends of mine think I am mad to gamble online!!

This industry will shoot itself in the foot one time too many and everyone will end up poorer.
PAB now

Hi Nafanny,

I would PAB now. I see no reason to wait. The sooner you do, the sooner you get in line to be paid.

The letter they sent you makes no sense. If you are such a genuine player, they could have paid you.

I am sorry you are going through this. Who knew? We all thought this group was honest.

My daughter is waiting for $1600.00 from CCC, and got the very same e-mail.

I have played at CCC for years, and really thought it was one online casino that you didn't have to worry about.

This story really has to have everyone wondering wether it is worth playing at any online casinos.
marasta said:
This story really has to have everyone wondering wether it is worth playing at any online casinos.

I believe it is. Like I told one other person on here, don't let one ruin it for them all...There's still reputable online casinos out there, just have to do some investigating!!

I wish they were around many years ago! I can't even begin to imagine how much money in gas I've spent going to the riverboat in Metropolis, IL (2.25 hr drive each way x 3-4 days/week) back in the early 90's.

I got this mail today, imho they are skint and waiting for new funding.

"It is with delight that we release the news of our merger with the Casino Rewards Group, operators of leading casinos including Blackjack Ballroom and Golden Tiger. All the crew aboard the Endeavour are very excited about this event and we look forward to a time of increased strength and improved service.

While this means a great deal of change behind the scenes, from your perspective the transition will be seamless. You can expect the same high standards of service that you have received when dealing with Captain Cooks Casino. Foremost in our minds at this time is your security and your continued ability to be entertained in the way that you have come to expect from our operation. Rest assured that we will work tirelessly during this time to ensure no disruption in any service, be it our processing of your withrdrawals, release of promotions or our Help desk function." :eek2:
Got the same one from places I forgot I still had accounts at.....I replied immediately to each of them to cancel my account ASAP. ;)
Update - I got paid my $2000

After pitching a bitch and several emails back and forth with CasinoKingdom customer service, the $2000 showed up in my Firepay Account this morning. I hope everything works out as well for all of you who are owed winnings.

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