Casino Bot scams beware-Make money while you sleep?


Banned User
Oct 16, 2008
Canada New Brunswick
I have encountered numerous sites selling roulette bots which "guarantees" you will win...All these bots do is bet on red/black the house edge is still 2.75% for single zero roulette and 1.375% if you get half your bet back on hitting a zero.No bot or human can change this fact that the casino has more chances of winning than you do each and every bet,even if the casino did not have an edge and it was 50/50 you would still not have a guaranteed system.All the sellers of the roulette bots work with the martingale,the bot will double your bet if you get the wrong color and bet on a different color if you win or lose depending on your setting.

I believe all the craziness begins when a gambler finds out he wins a few bucks if he keeps doubling his bet upon losing,then you feel like a genius don't you...I think this is phase 1 of the gambler's phase lol,I too wanted to make an e-book and sell it.Then you find out down the line this is just called the martingale,and e-book sellers will often throw in gambler fallacies to suck you in if you already know the martingale like telling you to keep track of the columns and betting on a column that doesn't show up for 5 consecutive spins.

If you don't have enough time to gamble,I do not recommend you use a bot.Also the bot will take a lot of potential entertainment time.
If you want something guaranteed I suggest you read my 100% guaranteed RTG slot strategy.Other than that method and a few left to be disclosed on my behalf,I have not encountered guaranteed ways to make profit and I'm a mathematical genius what you get on strategy sites I see in my head :) the only difference between this mathematical genius and the other ones is that I am not trying to get your dollar and you will find in this life this alters a lot of things.