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Sep 1, 2004
According to Casino Action's web site (any of the casinos in their group), these free spins occur completely at a players real cash account.
Having played at one of the their casinos quite extensively in the past month, I have come to the conclusion that these spins only occur about an hour after one has lost their deposit (and not every deposit).

And an top of that, the spins themselves arent exactly random, but rather seem based on what your last lost deposit was. The bigger the deposit, the larger your spin will come out to be. Just wondering if anyone has actually hit the $500 on the wheel, or even the $250 for that matter.

These spins seem nothing more than a fixed % cashback on lost deposits rather than a true chance at winning a large "prize". Not really complaing I guess since its free $$$$, but hey, lets call it what it really is......
I've hit the $1000 spin at either the Phoenecian or Music Hall last December/January, and I've never deposited over $200. All my other spins were way way lower.
WOW!! $1,000?? I don't even think that amount has ever been on the wheel when i've spun...and im supposedly a platinum VIP.

But then, I mostly deposit at Aztec Riches....maybe they arent as generous :)

Did you manage to meet the WR and transfer any winnings?
funeralparty said:
Did you manage to meet the WR and transfer any winnings?
Actually, I thought it was a joke at first - perhaps the Casinomeister "win" switch was in the "on" position, so I blew it all in about 5 minutes. Funny thing was that about a few weeks later, I met the operators on the Isle of Man, and they were all abuzz about it. :D

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