Burger King or McDonald's?


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I have come across an interesting article by Patricio Robles -
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Summary of the article -

Which fast food megabrand has the best marketing: Burger King or McDonald's?

Chances are if you're a member of the marketer's club, you're going to choose Burger King.
Burger King can boast off some widely talked-about online, viral marketing campaigns, like the Whopper Sacrifice Facebook application, the Subservient Chicken, Whopper Virgins and HaveItYourWay08. The company's latest SpongeBob television ad has got 500,000 views on YouTube. While McDonald's focused on positioning its food offerings to value-focused consumers hungry for a little bit of recession relief, Burger King stuck with its approach of targeting young males with sexy, quirky ads which created good publicity.
Unfortunately in the revenue department McDonald's has gained while Burger King has floundered. Great companies are great because they adapt when times get tough; they're not great simply because they do well when times are good. Brands like Burger King need to be nimble in today's business environment if they're going to stay strong. That means recognizing changing consumer values and needs and re-evaluating target markets. By continuing to bet the farm on young males and ignoring the wisdom of selling value at a time when value is what most consumers are looking for, Burger King let its biggest competitor steal the show.
The interesting thing about this, of course, is that Burger King has looked like the brand putting on the better show. It's a good reminder to all of us digital marketers, media pundits, social media experts and armchair critics that the entre with the most attractive presentation isn't always the tastiest.

This makes me think as operators, are we delivering enough value to our players?

In your opinion, who do think are the Burger Kings and McDonalds of our industry?

What sort of values propositions are the players looking from the current casino, poker, bingo offerings?

Are the current offerings meeting the player expectations?

Any feedback would be immensely helpful to all operators.


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