Bryan, Thank you!


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Jul 20, 2003
Home, sweet home
Dear Bryan,
I want to say THANK YOU in public for your help. By sending the "pitch a bitch" and posting here make the Ladydream/goldbetting or directnetpay decide to give back most of my deposit ^-^. Wow, The power of forum here ...

It's really very nice for you to help people you don't even know. Thank you very much! Please don't let some people at WOL bother you. We all know you work hard to help people like me and Wanda. That's more than a simple "thank you" can express our appreciation. You had done a great job to straight out a lot of bad situation and nobody can ever compliant about them.

Congratulation on the new website! I took a tour today and didn't break anything so far, I hope. LOL.

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