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Why does Boss Media declare that random numbers are fair because they are generated by a "Geiger-Muller Tube Detector"? I put the words "Geiger-Muller" in a search engine to discover that this is a device used for measuring radiation, as in Geiger counter. Furthermore, Prestige Casinos (Boss Media) sends me an e-mail stating: "You cannot lose at Prestige Casino". Then describes a contest where the "winners" are the players who lose the most money during the contest period. These outright lies keep me away from Boss Media casinos and those web sites that recommend them.
Hi Anonymous,

You should have done a little more research before jumping to conclusions. If you visit
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there is an article that discusses the use of the "Geiger-Muller Tube Detector". Here is an extract:

Nisley, E. 1990. BASIC Radioactive Randoms. Circuit Cellar Ink. April/May. 58-68.

"While pseudo-random (pronounced "fake random") numbers may be OK for computer science types, Real Engineers get Real Random Numbers by timing nuclear disintegrations with a
Geiger-Muller detector." "A few months ago I saw the RM-60 Micro Roentgen Radiation Monitor from Aware Electronics. It is a Geiger-Muller tube that connects to a PC's parallel or
serial port, with the circuitry drawing power from a single interface pin."

So apparently there is a Geiger Counter attached to the serial port of Boss Media servers.

Please forward me the email you received from Prestige Casino as I would like to check it out. The wording sounds a bit off, but as an"outright lie"? I'm not so sure.

Casinomeister recommends Boss Media casinos as do most websites that have any online casino content. So to keep away from these sites you'll be living in a pretty lonely cyber-casino world.

Hi Anon,

Well I won't go into the Geiger issue, as I think that Bryan has answered that perfectly, however I must defend our latest promo.

I realise that the title of the promo is slightly contradictory, but it is a kind of play on words.

Each week there are plenty of players who win at Prestige, and there are also players who lose whether it is due to bad judgement, a bad day or whatever. That's what happens in a casino, whether you decide to play in Vegas or Hong Kong or even online!

This 'alternative' competition benefits players who may lose their deposits etc, and in that sense, that's the meaning of the slogan; You can't lose..especially as the top prize is $1,000!

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