bonuses make it harder to get paid?


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Mar 19, 2006
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tigirl here again,
from what i am reading, is it easier tp get paid your winnings if you dont take any bonuses? like i wrote before, i won 15,000 at monaco gold but it was after my initial deposit with my bonuses which i lost, then i made a deposit or 2 and won the 15,000. so my question is, is it better or easier to get paid by not accepting any bonuses? what about accepting bonuses on your reccommended cites? or is it just better no matter what casino to not exept any bonuses so their are no strict rules to go by? i also posted a reply to your reply about monaco gold, can you take a look at it and reply when you have time, i know your busy, but i am a nervous wreck about getting paid. also im reading that thier are rules about betting in more than 1 casino, that some wont pay if you have an account somewhere else? i know i read it wrong so please help explain, the reason is that i want to start playing at global casino and dont want my chances of not getting paid by monaco gold in jeopardy. is global casino a good place to except bonuses or not? thank u thank u thank u.
In an ideal world it should not matter if you win by using a bonus or not. Unfortunately there are online casinos that do not pay out winnings to players. This happens when players use bonuses to win but also when they play without bonuses. From the rogue casino's point of view it is easier to make arguments for claiming players money when a bonus is involded though. A bonus is always given on certain Terms ans Conditions. These can be made so unclear that they can be used against the player.

I recommend you to play at casinos that have a good reputation. Look at the casinos Casinomeister have listed for inspiration. At these casinos bonuses are used as an incentive to reward players or attract new players. If you play at these casinos you should not worry about playing with bonuses.

hi, thanks for writing. what do you think of gloabal player casino. its on the miester's list i think(real newbie) can you let me know

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