Big money on the table at Betfair


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

Big money gaming on improved software

Recent software improvements to the online poker site Betfair Poker appear to have struck a chord with high-stakes regulars who have been risking hundreds of thousands daily at the tables.

One ring game this week of $250/$500 no limit holdem started shortly after midnight, ending at 10 am the next day with $600 000 on the table. A stalemate between the final two players operation at $150 000 and SuckMyD at $450 000 led to a final gg and gn (good game and good night) as the players decided to take some well earned rest. Jandrew and sinceroo left the game earlier in the morning.

The biggest winner of the day was the Swedish IP address SuckMyD who is estimated to have made $330 000 profit on the session.

Its good work if you can handle the pressure, said Betfair spokesman Oliver Bowen. Betfair is very popular with high-stakes poker players because our payments system is one of the best on the web. When you are putting so much money at stake you want to know that the site is secure, payments can be made quickly, and the exchange rates are fair.

Our software has come on leaps and bounds. We have seen a strong increase in player numbers over the last few months and these high-stakes games give all the players good entertainment.

Ben Milkybarkid Grundy was the biggest cash game winner in December. He won the $3 000 first prize in the monthly Betfair Leaderboards competition.

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