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Jun 13, 2009
This is just a warning to those who search out online bingo sites, NOT all are bad , but then there are some that are don't follow there own rules, when they place your TRUST in them.

My BingoVega experience, out of the blue, Christmas time and a week before my birthday (this month)I received an email saying:

This e-mail is to notify you that management has decided to close your bingo account. They will not accept your business in our bingo site any longer.
Please keep in mind; management reserves the right to refuse or close any account at their sole discretion.

If Vega does comment, i cannot wait to hear their reason, really! what will it take a post on a forum to get whatever they "makeup". I played by there rules as i have played at any site, I joined since 1996 and never have any treated me this bad, disabling me and then kicking me out. (pure meanness, it makes u wonder when they call you part of a community, do they really mean it) (honestly i don't think they do after this experience with BV)

2-3 months ago is when things went down hill, i emailed them as did another friend with a question about something we didn't understand, so after explaining what we were askingand responding back to there answers, they disabled our chat and deposit bonuses first, when asked why?? this was the answer: Management has evaluated your bingo account and determined by your wagering profile that you are clearly abusing our bonus program, but your still eligible to play? (HUH????)

trying to get an answer how i was abusing, well I never did get a definite answer or my friend for that matter, because there is NO REASON, i never abused anything - if reading BingoVega's rules, u must make at least one deposit ever 30 days and wager 5 times your deposit. (as i always did)

Vega should followed there own rules like:
- Our top priority and oath to our players is to provide them with a premiere experience in playing bingo online or..
- the sense of being part of the Bingo Vega family cannot be overstated (thats a joke)

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