Betsson refuses to display tournament results to "stay in line with GDPR"


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Nov 7, 2012
Apologies if this doesn't belong here, I tried looking but I wasn't sure if Betsson has a rep here.

This isn't my issue but spotted from an another forum. Basically in one of their recent Christmas promotions they had a promotion where the person with a biggest win from some FS would receive an extra prize. One player had then gone to live chat to ask about how much the person might have won since he thought he did a pretty good result but hadn't won. The live chat refused to tell them and referred to GDPR.

Excuse me? He wasn't asking his name or username even, just the win amount. Apparently can't tell even that. Why even join a tournament of any sort if all winners and their win amounts are hidden? Shouldn't casinos be transparent with promos like these? At least the sum that allowed the winner to win in the first place should be listed .. That's like if you joined a casino race at Casumo but there would be no leaderboards at all so you would never know how you rank against others. Why would anyone play tournaments like that?

Also I don't believe for a second that GDPR means you cannot release the results of a tournament publicly.

Admittedly this is probably just another case of Betsson's live chat being idiots as they often are when you speak to the finnish personnel there. Still might be worthy of a discussion... if not for anything else but the fact Betsson needs to hire people who know what they are doing and talking about :eek: .. Fact is though the result still isn't listed anywhere on their site.

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