Casino Complaint Bet 356 very unprofessional!!


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Oct 4, 2011
I deposited some money there and went playing , then i won 300euro,

I tried to withdraw it asked for some kinda postal varification.

So I had this code on paper and entered this on their system but it didnt worked... contacted chat they said they can't help?!

According to the paper I have it says: "Altervatively if you prefer, you can complete this process over the telephone or via live chat"

Now their phone not answering, Chat not helpfull at all, the guy named "Colin W." keep telling me your varification code is wrong i asked would it be fine if i varify using live chat of phone the answer is no? Finaly I sent them some "days" ago the scanned PVC paper but so far no answer!

Unprofessional support
If it was bonus win that was diffrent but that was real money win .

So after waiting 3 days no answer.. I went and played and lost the damn 300€ :/


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Jan 9, 2010
they have a very good and fast support that must be really bet356 instead of bet365..
i never had an issue with them and when i had problems they instantly solved everything..
guess you chose the wrong casino


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Oct 14, 2004
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The code should have worked, and all you needed was help because you were probably doing something wrong, or the system broke down due to technical error. Since it is stated that the process can also be done over the phone or chat "if you prefer", it IS highly unprofessional for support to then say this can't be done after all. It shows gross incompetence on their part, as either CS screwed up, or the letter gave the wrong information.

It is a shame the OP couldn't resist playing some more and lost the lot. This is VERY convenient for the casino as it makes what could be an embarrassing problem go away, and now we can't follow this through to the bitter end and see whether or not it was a ruse to avoid payment, or even to buy time to find a reason not to pay.

If the code in the letter itself was wrong to start with, this is STILL gross incompetence, and "unprofessional".

All this process tries to do is verify the address, which is done by the player receiving the code. Sending in a copy of the letter is proof that it was received, at which point CS should be trying to figure out why the code isn't working, and fix it.

In this situation, telling the player that nothing can be done is the same as saying they can never be paid, as there is no other way to get help for a non working code if CS blank you, other than going "third party" and creating a stink. It seems odd that Bet365 have no internal procedure to deal with this issue, and want players to go straight to a third party resolution service, or even complain to their regulator.

It is a demonstration that individual customers don't matter, and an issue is only important enough to get dealt with if a significant number of customers are affected by it. I see this attitude displayed on BBC Watchdog all the time, with a company rep in their "hot seat" trotting out the "well, 99.9% of our customers have had no problems (so the few that do should just suck it up - we don't care)" I can assure these companies that it doesn't work, and makes them look even WORSE than the Watchdog report did.

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