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Jul 23, 2006
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Hi there,
I recently made a small first deposit 55 to my BelleVegas account using my debit card but after depositing I decided I did not want to play there but another Casino instead so I made a withdrawal request to my Neteller account as they would not allow me to withdraw to the debit card with which I deposited.After more than week had past and I had not recieved payment or any word from BellaVegas I decided to contact them by phone.They told me that they had sent an email to me asking that i sign a purchase agreement form.I told them that no such email had been sent(100% certain of this) and asked for them to verify my email address and resend it while I was on the phone.I received the email imediately.
When I read what information they wanted on the purchase form and what they expected of me I was amazed.Other than filling in the form with all the details they already had they wanted me to photocopy and fax a utility bill my driving license and best of all the front and back of the card I used to make the deposit.Since I am not in the habbit of faxing off my debit card details to god knows where or who and feel that their requests are wholey unreasonable I am wondering what I can do about it. All I did was deposit some money with them and then try to withdraw it, I have not played a single penny there and have claimed no bonus or other promotions. This site stinks and so I am warning others here and would gratefuly accept any help or advice that anyone can give me.
Hi there, I cashed out there sometime ago and had to fax those documents. Had no problems with them. Just procedures for cashout.
Rusty, it's not actually that uncommon for online casinos to request such information. I was also quite shocked when I was first asked to supply these things a couple of years ago, but have since supplied this information maybe a dozen times to casinos and have so far not had any problems. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Exactly why they need this information, and whether requesting it is reasonable, are two things I'm less certain about.
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BellaVegas no longer allow UK players to receive bonuses. The request does seem a little overboard for such a small amount, most tend to ask for these documents once a certain amount has been deposited. This is normally in the thousands from a card, and is part of eCogra rules on prevention of money laundering.
The problem may be that you deposited with a card, and then withdrew to another method without ever playing. Casinos don't like this, as it costs them money to handle the transactions.

In general, though, such documents are required by many online casinos, and it does not mean they are rogue. They have the advantage of course, in that they have your money.
Cashout procedures

Thanks for your replies and reasurances.Yes, I can imagine that they are not overpleased with me withdrawing before playing and this makes me even more positive that their request is spiteful and unreasonable.Also I play at Mummies gold casino (microgaming) where I have had no such requests or problems when cashing out larger sums.
Now here is the thing;
What if I decided I would not send my card details or that I was indeed a money launderer caught in the act?
What would happen to that money?
Do BellaVegas declare all of this unclaimed cash in their accounts and then donate it to good causes all around the World?
Do they do the same with all the interest that this money and all other delayed payments accrews?
I hope BellaVegas come to realise treating its potential customers in such a way can be very counter productive.
Hmm. Very interesting question. I always thought that if acceptable documents weren't received, they just refunded your original deposit. Of course, this is all you want them to do anyway, albeit using a different method from the one you used to deposit.

Anyone got a definitive answer to this one? :)

Yes indeed I withdrew through a different method but that is only because I could not draw out to my card or by wiretransfer which left me with neteller or snail post or bank draft express which incurrs a 20 fee. Since they say that neteller is the best and easiest option I took their advice.A lot of good that was, hoh hum I will send what they want and hope for my money before Xmas.
On the other issue of surplus funds maybe someone from inside the industry can answer this one.I am sure it is all fair and legal but it is a valid and interesting question.
Although this is not an un-common practice (asking for front & back copy of CC including signature), I'm of the opinion that it may go directly against the contract agreement people sign with their Bank when accepting the T&C's of their Credit Card.

In an unrelated issue (not casinos) I purchased some hosting the other day and it was paid by CC. Received an email from their credit control Dept. insisting that they also require a photocopy of the front & back of the CC including a signature.

I told them don't bother I'll go some place else.

I understand that businesses need to protect themselves against fraud, however, asking for a copy of one's CC and signature leaves the person wide open for possible fraud. It's happen many times before a disgruntled employee who gets sacked has leaked CC details onto the net.

If you also hold a Neteller account why didn't you use Neteller to fund your BelleVegas account in the beginning? Using Neteller elevates the CC Doc drama. Althuogh you may still be required to send in proof of ID to the casino.

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