Anyone play at Victor Chandler`s?.


Just stumbled across this casino and oh boy they must hold the record for software`s used - Net Ent, Chartwell, Cryptologic, HO Gaming, OpenBet, Wagerworks, Evolution Gaming, Electracade, MicroGaming, just looked in the accredited list but couldn`t see them, I really would like to hear some 1st hand experiences from anyone who has played there.

Thanks in advance ;).


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They seem to have added a lot of new slots from Realistic as well (whoever they are). and that certainly is a hell of a long scroll on the slots tab.

I've played there on and off for a while now and never had any issues. one feature I like is adding favourites to the favourites tab as it is too easy to 'lose' a slot you like among all of them.

Remember they are one of the big Sportsbooks so there is no problems getting paid.
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Chandlers have great rep - Victor himself is a top bloke - Recommend - BTW, casino and poker are more 'add-ons' for them - betting is their core business!!




Thanks for the replies guys, I think I will have a play there later today :), also, isn`t one of the promos there playing poker against Vic himself?.


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I've played VC's Spinroom a lot - as you say, great choice of games although an annoying layout that slugs my netbook so I can't play it ujnless at home. Payouts are fast too.

One thing though is that (when I checked back around February '11 anyway) they physically can't set a deposit limit for you. Not a question of won't to be fair - the system just won't allow it apparently. That's what made me realise that an Alderney license isn't quite as strict as I thought t was. Just means you have to close your account rather than set limits if you like to have controls in place but otherwise, top notch when it loads.

Another thing which impressed me: when I came to do my initial test I opened a new account without realising I had an old VC one from their Chartwell days pre-Spinroom. I was a few hundred down when the account was locked and I got an email saying it was a dupe account and that all my losing bets were to be refunded. By the next day sure enough all the money I had stuck in been sent back to Neteller.


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Instead of scrolling the game images if you go down the page you get a full alphabetical list, may help the netbook.


Spinroom has been my go to place for all Net Ent software since I decided I wanted to try some of those games. Payouts have been fast, and - crucially - regular. They always take 3 days to pay back to my debit card. You also don't have the option to reverse a withdrawal, which I LOVE. No need to flush etc.

The non sign up bonuses I've received are small but good, because they come with NO restrictions at all. No WR, no banned games etc. I won £750 off a £5 bonus and they paid without any problems at all. As I recall, I've also never had to send in documents but that might be for UK based players only, I'm really not sure.

Overall, I'd certainly recommend it: massive choice of games (which they constantly add to), very reliable payouts and timeframes, decent bonuses. The Live Chat experiences I've had have been ok, if slow. Basically, I've never had any problems there. The one concern for me is that they're not on the Casinomeister accredited list I think, so I wouldn't have the option to PAB easily.

Have fun, and good luck!


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Do they have a representative here? I have a problem with them :| Almost 2000 euro gone.


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I played there once and got absolutely butchered on Casino Hold 'Em over the course of a couple of hours. It really felt like a lifetime between each meagre win with nothing but a soul destroying parade of misery otherwise. I ran a simulator afterwards to see just how unlikely it had all been, and I managed to replicate or sink below my terrible result just twice in 200,000 simulations, so I've left VC alone on pure superstition since then.

I wish you better fortune.