any casinos that do actually accept mastercard from u.s. players?


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Feb 11, 2005
Does anyone know of any casinos that you can use a visa/mastercard at if you are from the u.s.a. ? i have a websecret card from mastercard and since epassporte is having a problem with mastercard i cant use it to play at my regular poker site, so if you know of any site that i can use a mastercard at i would appreciate it. Thanks
I'm surprised to hear that you were able to use it at a poker site. Mastercard and Visa cut-off online gambling funding from the U.S. quite some time ago I believe.
Not sure about Live Poker but some Microgaming Casinos take them still i think.

Try or

They dont have any live poker though.
I use a prepaid MasterCard (credit/debit card) for deposits at many MicroGaming casinos as well as the Lasseters group. Not sure why it works but maybe the debit card is coded differently than a 'regular' MasterCard?

And as a bonus, since the card (Netspend) is assigned a 'checking acct' number, I can ACH winnings to it.
Mastercard approved

The only one I know of that I have personal knowledge that they are legit is Casino Silver. I've done pretty well there on their vp, even though its not the greatest of software or paytables. Still, I'm ahead with them and had absolutely no problems with cashouts via Neteller after making a deposit with my mastercard through their "alternate" validator. They have two. I think the one that worked for me had a "global" name to it. I got my Neteller cashouts in a day from them. I don't know if they have poker or not, I think they are also hooked up to a bingo site.
I use my regular mastercard at Absolute Poker, it is the only place that takes it. I can use my netspend mastercard anywhere.

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