Another New Payment Processor?


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I found this at WinnerOnline. Could be promising for non-US players.

Another Day, Another Payment System
10 May 07

Based in Gibraltar, Datisi Limited is introducing The PayZ EU System.

The system will provide a secure link to customers' bank accounts allowing for payment for services such as online gambling and pharmacies.

PayZ EU will be marketed to Canada, UK, France, Sweden, Spain and Italy.

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This was announced earlier this week in a press release.


Datisi debuts from Gibraltar

The PayZ EU Internet Payment System was launched by Gibraltar based Datisi Limited this week. The processor offers a payment solution for buyers and sellers alike. Consumers may use the service to send cash to others or pay for goods and services offered over the internet including sensitive industries such as online gambling and online pharmacies. Sellers may also use this medium to accept payments for a variety of goods or services offered on their websites as well as for distribution of affiliate commissions & payments.

Datisi says that PayZ EU is designed for the worldwide market but will initially be marketed exclusively towards The Canadian, UK, French, Swedish, Spanish, and Italian markets.

According to Datisi Limited : "We decided to focus on the Canadian and European markets in order to offer PayZ EU customers superior customer service in markets where we have a fixed presence."

The new system offers a direct yet secure approach for buyers, linking their bank accounts directly with the system in order to facilitate easy payments. Sellers can also make use of the merchant services to accept payments from their customers without paying the exorbitant prices that typically come with a traditional credit card merchant account.

In development since 2003, PayZ EU offers a fast and secure means of processing online financial transactions while protecting the sensitive financial information of both sellers and buyers alike. Full details on
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Datisi Limited owns, operates, markets and distributes a distinctive suite of products and services in the payment solution and stored value industries for markets around the globe. Such as international prepaid debit cards, and merchant accounts accepting Visa and MasterCard. International prepaid debit Mastercard / ATM Cards are flagship-prepaid products which are robust and flexible to meet many needs of the online affiliate market, offline unbanked, under banked, employers, card-to-card transfer and many other financial functions. Datisi is associated with the Canadian payment solutions company Virtu-Pay (
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The company is based in Gibraltar at Suite 2 Portland House, Glacis Road + 44 0 203 002 8231.


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Well, colour me stupid....and slow, lol. :oops:

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