Amigotechs software slots


The Governor
Aug 14, 2012
Not only ALL their slots are boring (and it's not even an opinion here, I don't think anyone would enjoy these slots for an extended period of playing time), but most (all?) of them are bugged to some extent.

I could go on and on showing you examples of bugs and lazy programming on multiple slots but that would take hours so I'll give you just a few examples from a single slot to make my point.

Let's look at the game Exterminator:

Lazy programming: The number of "BLUEPRINT" symbols that you get doesn't affect the payout in the bonus round, but the "sticky" respins will pointlessly continue even when you've already got your 5 scatters.
Lazy programming: The reels will go in "only one scatter missing" slower mode only if the scatters drop on reel 1 and 3, even though they can drop on all 5 reels.
Lazy programming: The expanding wild reel will expand even if no winning symbols connect to it, forcing you to wait 4-5 seconds for nothing.
Bug (?): In the raccoon bonus round, your STAKE doesn't affect the payout! (WTF!)
Bug: The expanding wild only drops on the 4th reel, even though the rules state that it can appear anywhere:


Now keep in mind that pretty much all of their slots have similar issues. This isn't just Exterminator.

Always Cool casino and Pampers casino use this software. My advice would be to avoid depositing money in a casino with such severe software issues.