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Jun 30, 1998
We have an affiliate member who had his account closed at quickthinkaffiliates.co.uk. The reason? A fellow forum member signed up via his link:

We have recently carried out a full internal investigation and have regretfully decided to close your account as we believe there has been a breach of one of our Terms & Conditions.

14.9 This Agreement is for commercial use only, and neither the Affiliate nor its employees, or their family members, friends or associates may make purchases, directly or indirectly, through the Links for its or their own personal use or to fraudulently increase the Affiliate’s Commission.
This term is predatory in nature since it ignores the fact that many affiliates belong to gambling communities like Casinomeister, and that much of their traffic will come from people they know or are associated with via membership.

So for example, any member who would sign up via a forum like Casinomeister would put both the affiliate AND player accounts in jeopardy. This term illustrates their inexperience and unfamiliarity of the nature of forums and webmaster/player communities.

AFFILIATE WARNING: Affiliates need to be aware that this affiliate program will enforce this draconian and poorly thought out term. Do not promote the following brands in forums or player community websites. Someone you may know might sign up.

Bingo Clubhouse
Bubble Bonus Bingo
Butterfly Bingo
Candy Shop Bingo
Cupcake Bingo
Diva Bingo
Hippo Bingo
Iceland Bingo
Jester Jackpots
Lucky Charm Bingo
Nutty Bingo
Pocket Fruity
Spin Genie
Total Gold

PLAYER WARNING: Do not sign up via a community forum, or any website that you may be connected to if you are familiar with anyone there.

The player's account was closed too.

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