A Very Interesting Article About The Casino Business


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Granted, this article is specifically about Spain, but I would imagine that behaviors are similar across markets.

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Some nuggets from the article.

"According to their results, the development of the world economic crisis and its effects on Spain have directly affected the field of leisure and the gaming sector. From 2009 to 2011, the number of people who play has increased, but these people risk smaller amounts."

The article also provides from publicly available data confirming much of what has been anecdotal: online gambling has taken a pretty significant hit in recent years.

"The report also analyzes the percentage of the population that plays on-line. Last year, it rose to 6.4% of the 18 to 75 age group, whereas in 2012 it has diminished slightly to 6.2%, or about 2,170,000 people. Individually, on-line players play less than in 2010, with the Internet gaming market in Spain worth a total of 649.2 million euros. This is 3.3% less than in 2010, when it dropped to 671.2 million euros. The effect of the crisis has definitely been felt in Internet gaming."

Thoughts? Does sound in line with other's experiences from other countries? I'm from the US, and with that ridiculous law in effect, it's hard to say what consequences would have been felt.

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