A first for everything....


Jan 12, 2001
Someone had to be first.

This is probably the first - and likely the only - post on Casinomeister from 35,000 feet above the Earth.

I am winging my way to Dublin aboard a Lufthansa flight equipped with Connexxion by Boeing - they call it high-speed, I say it's a bit slow but certainly useable... and best of all, it's free because Boeing has already announced that they are cancelling the service because not enough people would cough up $26.95 per long-haul flight to make the business worthwhile.

Ah well, one can always dream... perhaps some other company will one day take up the business - or perhaps offer it for free in business class or something... in the meantime I am going to enjoy posting here for the next 10 historic hours :)
Someone had to be first.

I am winging my way to Dublin aboard a Lufthansa flight equipped with Connexxion by Boeing

Are you sure it's LUFTHANSA? I can't imagine anywhere in GERMANY taking 10 hours to get to DUBLIN?

Are you on a codeshare with UNITED from the States?

Nowhere in Europe takes 10 hours and LUFTHANSA doesn't fly direct to DUBLIN from the States, unless it's a codeshare.

What plane are you on? Where the hell are you?

Are you drunk?
I see US banners... good point...

I am on a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Dublin, Ireland via Frankfurt, Germany.

One small step for Spearmaster, one giant leap for gamblers!

BTW, I lied. We're only at 32,000 feet... LOL...
Hey Spear

Is this for business? Are you working for a US Company and Asia is a territory? Just wondering because my brother lives in Singapore and travels all over Asia/India and Australia
coach, unfortunately, normally I would fly KLM and be upgraded to business but this time I wanted to try Lufthansa.

Technically on business of my own, as I paid for the flight LOL.

Simmo - your air is so polluted anyhow that a little excrement from me would not make a difference :D
I've arrived in Dublin. Decided to sleep most of the flight since there wasn't much battery left anyhow.

I would not have been able to play online if I tried, seeing as that the IP shows as coming from the US. Would've been cool to hit a jackpot though :D

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