7-Alarm Foxwoods Hotel Fire Prompts Evacuations

No babs lol You never know.
WFSB is very good on the news here.
They just said they are still at the casino as of today.
News of the Morning
Foxwoods Hotel Vented To Cool Building and Authorities search for the cause today.
I guess we can expect the machines to get even tighter (if that's possible). This is bad timing because I was hoping to go there in the near future.

Where was that thread where someone said that even though the fire alarms were going off, people just kept on playing...? lol

Hopefully nobody was hurt.
No one was hurt and that the fire started on the roofs edge.
The whole Hotel is closed down at the time.
They said they had 200 guest scrabbling.
200 gamblers running for their lives - that must have been a sight.

Did they ever figure out what caused the fire at the Monte Carlo?

Maybe it's terrorists setting fire to all the casinos across the country, one week at a time.
Or someone is trying to save the morality of the american people.....
That's good
You don't want me to start talking about the administration at Foxwoods that's for sure.
They don't remember who started them when it was a little bingo hall.
A group of 70 bus groups.And when the Mohegan Sun had the bingo alot of groups went that way.and after they closed the bus groups wanted back at Foxwoods and I don't what to say what they said to them :lolup:
All I can say is i'm glad I was not one of them.

Like Washington state? It's a felony to gamble online, but you can go to any one of their 20
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any time you wish. :machinegu

Yea that sounds like the state of Georgia on a Sunday. You are not allowed to go to the store and buy yourself a six pack of beer on Sunday and go back to your house and drink it...but...you can go out to the bar and get s**t face drunk and then drive home...WTF were they thinking when those idiots wrote that law...:rolleyes:

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