360pkr money vanished emails reected.


Dormant account
Jul 8, 2013
Hello, I am not sure what to do about this or if can do any thing about it but heres the problem I have.
I opened a account with 360pkr.com to play poker I never deposited as it said in the terms player could play real money for free and even get a no deposit bonus if they managed to start a bankroll from the freerolls and acquire anothe points 15e for free every 875 ppps. So I play there turbo league I find the player super weak and end up wining the turbo league at the end of the month. I got 10e for this and the extra winnings for the turbo league. I now have bankroll built from scratch I play the 50gtd and I win 1rst place taking my new bank roll to 37e. Great I think this site is good easy to win I could do well here. then I read a bout other players having problems cashing out I notice live chat is not working, any more alarm bells start ringing I think this site may be in trouble I have to deposit in order to be able to cash out and I know I may never see this money again. I decide to stop playing for a while as no point in winning more money in case I never can cash it out. any way I leave it a bout month go back see if live chat is working and the software will not load up saying error file some thing. I google 360pkr and find they have new site software so I download login to the new site to my shock I can log in no problems but the 37e I had in my account is not there its gone vanished balance 0e?. So I look for live chat no live chat only email try to email them and the email address gets rejected I have tried a few times this crazy how can they do this to me. so I can not contact support I don't know what to do I feel I have wasted a month playing the freerolls to build this money and they have taken it way from me. I not know what I can do if any thing if any one has any idea's please let me know Kind regards Mark UK.