New Podcast 25 Years of online casino complaints!


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Jun 30, 1998
First podcast in a while! :cheers:

Max and I chat about dealing with player complaints for the past 25 years. Here we chat about some of the evil players of the past, casino scams, the first complaint posted here (in 1998!), hear me bitch about Google, this and much more!

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Some links to enhance your listening pleasure:

Evil Players of the past:
Chipmonk 936

And the first online casino complaint at Casinomeister - (2 December 1998)
Casinos of the South Pacific - Casinomeister Forum Casinos of the South Pacific

More podcasts on the way! :cheers:
It used to be the wild west out there! Who better to tell us cowboy/campfire stories than these 2 lads :D
Ranchero Bryan with his loyal Vaquero Max! Punching rogue cows back in line and inviting us all to the safe zone inside the CM ranch, it sure was exciting back then. The landscape changed a lot, much for better (safety/payments), alas much for worse (quality of life/nannying) as well, but overall i'd say safety comes before comfort, so...

Even though we are probably going to need CM's core services less these days, it's still the best hub of Casino enthousiasts from all sides of the fence: big congrats on 25 years @Casinomeister @maxd @pereblue @dunover @neilw @Webzcas @dionysus @LadyJelena @LadyLarissa @Alexandersmith @GourdFollower and not to forget @Vortran007 !!!

I'd have to include the likes of VinylWeatherman and Jetset, and Nifty, who supplied me with good viewpoints, insights and some popcornworthy discussions and fun! It's been a treasure trove....

Hoping for many more successful years, and i'll keep popping by as long as i don't kick the bucket :p


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