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They created the Nations League to replace International Friendlies, which every manager (especially Wenger) bemoaned as a complete waste of time. So they opted to have 'competitive' fixtures, the ones where the top nations experiment with squad selections and players don't exert any real energy in, or score in four matches, just like in Friendlies :laugh:

Short of sounding bitter, and let me start by saying when it comes to international partisanship I have no reason to belittle England's endeavours over the years, as I've supported them as much as the next man, but Southgate's, or even England's path to their respective Semi-Final and Final were near- enough byes, so easy that they may as well have thrown rose petals in their path.

Because whilst one might get an easy group, at some later juncture you'd expect to come unstuck against some formidable opponent. And yet, everything unproblematic just opened up before them like Sesame -

And yet with 15 minutes to go against an aging Croatia team, Southgate still ballsed it up!

Euro2020, not much different, barring one elevated performance against Germany, then plum ties all the way. And with Italy there for the taking, Southgate climbs back into his shell and starts turtling the rest of the game, and we won't mention penalty- taker allocations haha

In essence, Southgate's a serial croaker and incapable of picking players based on form, or adapting tactics midway through a game. One or two players may step up their game here and there, but with big nose at the helm, I expect another damp squib of a tournament, another one we let slip away......
I'd say Ten Hag being at the wheel's a good thing......problem being Ole trashed the car years ago, leaving the wheel as the only part that still works!

No tyres, wrecked chassis, roof caved in. But hey, let the guy have some fun steering left and right whilst stationary, alright? :laugh:

Looks like it's between Utd and Everton for that coveted 17th spot :D
It's funny, because 'Believe in the project' Arteta guided Arsenal to three opening losses last year, with calls for him to be ousted coming thick and fast.

End-season-flatlining aside, Arsenal did a great job in recovering that early setback. And now, one season on, Arsenal have got their own Amazon show and have won two out of two. Life can't get any better!

Utd's problems may get somewhat alleviated in the coming weeks, but adding a terrible start to an already poisoned chalice job will only make things worse for ol' Eric. Not helped by the severity of the beatings headed their way by relegation candidates.

Please tell me he's not started Slabhead, that's all I need to know
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