Barclays Premier League 2014/15

Man City losing 0-1 at home to Stoke. Who would have believed that. I placed a tenner on draw at 6.75-1 odds and when Stoke scored first I thought I would win.
Furious with Paddypower tonight, had a 5 game acca on, all going well, however the MK Dons score doesn't update, so in the 2nd half it's showing as 0-0 even though they scored in the 15th minute, so it wouldn't give me a 'cashout' value.

Contacted the cs who tells me there's been a 'technical error', funny how everytime I lose an acca, which has been regularly recently, all works fine, as well as when i'm depositing funds. The minute I'm winning on an acca there's an error. Immediately closed my account. Not buying that.

As for the Chelsea game, was just about to watch it until I heard they were 2-0 up, game over. They'll win the title I reckon come May after city losing to Stoke. Can't lose many games in the PL.
Tottenham - Liverpool

Totteham has been rock solid so far allowing zero goals from two matches played. Also their offense really caught fire on their last outing as they walked over QPR 4-0. Liverpool on the other hand not so good - their first game against Southampton was a close win due to many defensive mistakes and on their last match Manchester City took full advantage of that shaky defense scoring three goals. Notably Liverpool will have striker Balotelli ready for this game whom they hope will bring much needed finishing skills to the offensive line.

Everyone and their mother is expecting a goal feast here and the the odds reflect that so I'll skip that one. Though surprisingly enough the visiting side is even considered a small favourite in this match-up. IMO pretty much everything points to Spurs being the better side here and there is that home advantage also so I'll be backing them to win. Tottenham to win with two goals or more has odds around 5.30 - value in my eyes.
BUMP! I see it went all quite in here after the first couple of matchdays. The first half of the league is done and dusted and I've made a bit of money betting on Sunderland draws. Seems they're going for the record this season. I think it's 17 draws they are looking at, and with already 11 under their belt, they can reach 20 with ease.

Any thoughts on New Year Day's fixtures?

Chelsea spanking Spurs is a no brainer, and I will take another Sunderland draw away to City, thank you very much. City lost all the momentum yesterday against Burnley, and could struggle.

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