Videoslots to challenge KSA fine

By Simon Wright Mar 3, 2023

In the Casinomeister forum yesterday it was reported that the online casino Videoslots have been subjected to a fine of €9,874,000, a fine that Videoslots have described as “absurd and unlawful”.

The thread concerning the sanction against the popular online casino by the Dutch regulator the KSA can be viewed here, in which several members of the forum weigh in with their thoughts and views on the latest in a long line of action taken by iGaming regulators against operators.

At the time of writing this morning, the KSA have just published on their site, details of the fine that they have levied against Videoslots, which you can read here.

The fine comes about as a result of the KSA finding Videoslots accepting players residing in Holland without a licence, something that Ulle Skottling, Deputy CEO at Videoslots refutes.

Commenting on the news of the sanction by the KSA, Skottling confirmed that the operator will challenge and appeal the fine and stated: “Videoslots does not target but restrict the Netherlands, so the Dutch Gaming Act does not apply to its services. No Dutch players were able to access our site during the disputed period and there was no violation as a result.”

“It is absurd that the KSA should fine us after gaining unauthorised access. It is simply not possible to protect fully against unauthorised access, and the KSA has no guidelines on what measures are sufficient.”

“Videoslots takes its legal and regulatory obligations extremely seriously, but we dispute the Ksa’s actions and conclusions, which we believe are unlawful. We are confident of a positive outcome in this case.”

Simon Wright

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