XBOX 360


Quit Gambling
Jan 10, 2009
Hello CM community,

maybe that is not quite the right forum to sell my Xbox, but I thought if you need a break from a loosing spree, than an Xbox is useful. So:

I am selling my Xbox 360.
The Xbox is in perfect condition. Like new.
It has a 20Gb HDD that I added to it.
The Xbox DVDdrive is hacked, so that it plays downloaded Games from the Internet. So you wont have to spend all that money for games.
I have two Controller. About 15 Games... all of them are Shootig&Action, so not the best choice for smaller kids ;) Titels like Call of Duty, Far Cry, GTA 4, but even racing games are with it.
I have all the cabels, plus a HDMI cable for the finest picture and sound you can get!
Price is: 230 Euro
You can come and get it at my house if you live close to Frankfurt am Main/ Germany or I will send it. In this case you will have to pay me at least a quater of the price upfront.
Since I am a gambler I have all the Ewallets, Moneybookers, Paypal, etc...

Just Pm me if you are interested!


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