Winner Screenshots - February 2018


Sep 8, 2013
UK Casino Club, 29th October. £200 deposit, £51 bonus, £1,530 WR.

Entered the Sure Win Cup. Paid £7.60 for 5 continue plays. Hit paydirt on the 3rd continue play, thanks to a 5 scatter hit in the base game.
I would finish the tournament in 15th place, good enough for a win of $175 (£133).

That gave me a starting balance of £376. I would start (and finish) the WR on IR, at 90p a spin.

404 spins played - I reach my valley balance, £317. Spin 405 - 3 scatters. I picked Sarah, and I got the first of three 100x wins from the deposit...


Triple 5OAKs of Amber, diary and 10s. 140x bet.


Total for the round - 177.4x bet. Up to £475.

Spin 425 - my balance is at £481. Spin 426 - 4 scatters. I pick Sarah again...


No single spin wins of 100x (best was 60x - triple 5OAK of As and 6 x 5OAK of 9s). Total for the round - 121.33x bet. Up to £590.

1,042 spins played - my balance is at £481. Spin 1,043 - 3 scatters. And I pick Sarah once more...


No single spin wins of 100x (best was 80x - triple 5OAK of Troy). Total for the round - 114.1x bet. Up to £583 with £592 of WR left.

1,210 spins played - I reach my peak balance, £626, with £441 of WR left.
Unfortunately, the slump turned up just in time to stop me from making a cashout for at least £500.
1,700 spins played - WR was cleared with my balance at £410.
1,866 spins played - I quit IR at and cashed out for £375.


Sep 8, 2013
10K Sure Win Cup Tournament - October 2017.

After a return to winning ways in April's tournament, I sat out July's tournament.
I would return for October's tournament, making this the 12th Sure Win Cup where I would spend money in Round 4.
Of the previous 11, 7 resulted in an overall profit and 4 results in an overall loss.

I ended up making a profit for the 8th time, but only just. My Top 100 finishes in reverse order...


Grand Mondial account. 86th place. Used 1 continue play in Round 1 and another in Round 3, so only had 3 continue plays available in Round 4.
But I managed to get 3 FS rounds, the last of them coming on the 5th to last spin of my final continue play.
I scored nearly 35,000 points from that FS round and it was enough to get me across the line.
This is the second tournament in a row I have finished in the Top 100 on this account and the second time overall.


Spin Casino account. 70th place. Had the maximum of 5 continue plays available in Round 4.
I only managed to get 1 FS round, but I scored over 70,000 points from it.
Climbed into the Top 100 with 2 continue plays still to be used. My first Top 100 finish on this account.


Challenge Casino account. 69th place. And a case of what might have been. I had the maximum of 5 continue plays available in Round 4.
I got 2 FS rounds, which both came during the initial entry game.
During the first FS round, I got a double 4OAK of blue jockey (1 with wild, 1 without), but I narrowly missed out on the double 5OAK of blue jockey
as the blue jockey landed on the middle row of Reel 5 instead of the top row.
That near miss cost me 224,000 points (the double 4OAK did pay 32k, but a double 5OAK would have paid 256k).
And with it, the tournament win.
The consolation was that I scored 84k on that initial entry, and was a shoe in for the Top 100 already.
I got into the Top 100 during my first continue play, but the combined scores from the 5 continue plays were so poor that it cost me what should have been
a fairly easy Top 50 finish. This was my third Top 100 finish on this account.


Music Hall account. And my biggest single spin win in Round 4 for this tournament. The missing symbol was a blue jockey.
Double 4OAK of blue jockey paid 48,000. And the multiple 3OAK wins bumped the total win up to 114x. The total win from the FS round was 154x.


Music Hall account. 48th place. Used 1 continue play in Rounds 1, 2 and 3, so only had 2 continue plays available in Round 4.
Got nowhere with them, so I re-bought with a maximum of 5 continue plays available. Got the big win shown above during the first continue play
of my rebuy and finished that continue play inside the Top 100. Unfortunately, that was to be my only FS round.
My first Top 100 finish on this account.


UK Casino Club account. For the second tournament in a row, I land a 5 scatter hit during round 4.
The FS round that followed it would add another 13,000 points for a total win of 126x.


UK Casino Club account. 15th place. Had the maximum of 5 continue plays available in Round 4.
I managed to get 3 FS rounds, with the last of those three coming from the 5 scatter hit shown above.
That came during my second continue play and locked up a Top 30 finish with three continues still to be used.
But those last three continue games were poor. As a result, it cost me a Top 10 finish and with it, the top paying prize.
This was my second Top 100 finish on this account.

Total spend: 428 USD (14 rebuys, 193 continues)
Total winnings: 450 USD
Total net profit: 22 USD - in other words, a whole lot of huffing and puffing, without actually getting anywhere.


Thanks to narrowly missing out on another two Top 100 finishes (I finished 103rd and 104th on two other accounts),
I failed to equal my PB for the most money finishes from a single Sure Win Cup tournament (7 in April 2016 and 7 in April 2017).
From 12 Sure Win Cup tournaments played, I have had 8 where I made a profit against 4 where I made a loss.
In this tournament, I got 46 FS rounds from 5,195 total spins played in Round 4, an average of 1 FS round per 113 spins.
My overall RTP in Round 4 was 94.007%.

But thanks to another significantly lower turnout in October's tournament (only 10,101 entrants - it used to have the maximum allowed of 15,000 - until MG decided to double the cost of the continue plays), my below average RTP did not result in a loss-making tournament.
But it was the least profitable out of the 8 tournaments where profit was achieved.

So that makes my overall Sure Win Cup results look like this....

July 2014 - Total profit: 130 euro (Prizes: 175 euro, Spend: 45 euro)
October 2014 - Total profit: 276 euro (Prizes: 500 euro, Spend: 224 euro)
January 2015 - Total profit: 431 euro (Prizes: 625 euro, Spend: 194 euro)
April 2015 - Total losses: 5 euro (Prizes: 300 euro, Spend: 305 euro)
July 2015 - Total profit: 376 euro (Prizes: 660 euro, Spend: 284 euro)
October 2015 - Total profit: 39 euro (Prizes: 380 euro, Spend: 341 euro)
January 2016 - Total losses: 76 euro (Prizes: 240 euro, Spend: 316 euro)
April 2016 - Total profit: 145 euro (Prizes: 500 euro, Spend: 355 euro)
July 2016 - Total losses: 70 euro (Prizes: 100 euro, Spend: 170 euro)
October 2016 - Total losses: 218 euro (Prizes: 200 euro, Spend: 418 euro)
April 2017 - Total profit: 296 euro (Prizes: 675 euro, Spend: 379 euro)
October 2017 - Total profit: 22 USD (Prizes: 450 USD, Spend: 428 USD)

Total profit (from a total of 12 tournaments): 1,324 euro (Prizes: 4,355 euro, Spend: 3,031 euro) plus 22 USD (Prizes: 450 USD, Spend: 428 USD)

Sadly (for me anyway), it looks like this will be the last time I get to play the Sure Win Cup. Thanks to yet another significant drop in participants
for the October tournament, there was no tournament held in January 2018.
It looks like MG may have decided to remove this quarterly tournament from their schedules on a permanent basis.


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Dec 13, 2017
Had a decent bonus round on Penguin Vacation, sadly I wasn't able to screenshot at the time but I was able to pull the best hit of the round out of the game logs. The bonus went for a total of 289.5x and the best hit is 231x. 9a0b06f972799642922a73ea89b7e47c.png

EDIT: yeah, that didn't really come out very well :D Basically 3 lines 4oak with a 7x multiplier of the penguin with his cap backwards


Sep 8, 2013
November screenies in vain - Part 1 of 7

Royal Panda, 2nd November - Playing Thunderkick's Pink Elephants for the first time


My first 100x win on Pink Elephants. 16 x 6OAK of yellow creature thingy. 104x bet.


Total for the round - 140.4x bet.


Last spin bonus saver. 16 x 6OAK of pink elephants. 160x bet. New PB single spin win on Pink Elephants.


Total for the round - 185.6x bet. New PB round total win on a Pink Elephants FS round.

Aztec Riches, 4th November


The 16th spin of the Thor feature. And this was the FIFTEENTH cascade of the spin. The two missing symbols are both As.
So that's 5OAK of Ks with wild, 3OAK of wilds, double 4OAK of Js with wild, 7 x 3OAK of As (6 with wild, one without)
and 7 x 3OAK of 10s (6 with wild, one without), all at 5x. 105x bet.

Total win from that spin (after a total of 17 cascades) - 260.9x bet (£156.58)


Total for the round - 290.1x bet.


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Been a fan of Viking go Berserk when Raging Rhino went cold on me . and loving the Ragnarok mode bonus.
I think we ALL love the Ragnarok mode - but actually getting it is a bitch! I didn't count, of course, but I've only had it twice and it must have taken 5,000+ spins each time to trigger... and then it was crap anyway :mad:



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Dec 13, 2014
Glasgow and Home - N Ireland
I think we ALL love the Ragnarok mode - but actually getting it is a bitch! I didn't count, of course, but I've only had it twice and it must have taken 5,000+ spins each time to trigger... and then it was crap anyway :mad:


It is getting quite difficult to win on it but the sight of going into it on 50 quid plus and then getting the Lure of Loki Red hammers has made me conveniently forget it :p


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Mar 25, 2017
Ontario, Canada
I got this great hit on "Lucky Little Gods" a few hours ago on Villento Casino. I made a $50 deposit for the 125% "Returning Player Bonus" and I played on this slot. I didn't realize it played like "Bust The Bank". I played this before and I never got a bonus, but today was different... I got a bonus on a 30 cents which is normal for me since I don't have a big bankroll and I hit this...


I can't complain about hitting the top symbol in a bonus on a 30 cent bet! I played on other slots a bit longer and have started a cashout of $230+. Not bad at all.