Which casino has the best comp programm


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Dec 16, 2003
Hi looking for a good casino with a really good comp program.

Who send nice gifts?
And which casino has the best regular comp porgramm for good players.

GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
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cashed in my 5.00 comps at 3 dice

just wanted to show you what one casino's comps can do, this isnt a big win, but it was off a no w/r comps. i have hit 100.00 on comps at club world on 1.63 and some on here have even done better.....the good casino's are out there that do reward the players, with gifts as well as comps.................laurie


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Oct 9, 2006
To me , to be honest

I think a person should go by who has the best payouts and who pays when you win. If you want free gifts then you could easily obtain them by signing up for various things at websites and it wont cost you nearly as much.

I dont mean that in a mean way, Im just leary of places who give too many bonuses or send gifts because there must be an agenda behind it. You dont get anything for free in life

It's just funny, Someone here got a gift not too long ago and the gift wasnt probably worth a 10th of what they gambled and lost. Its a nice gesture but is it your goal in the end? Thats all Im saying if you know what i mean.


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Apr 10, 2007
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Welcome to the forum anarxis! :thumbsup: I think in those regards as to who gives the best comps and "gifts" you might want to spend alot more time reading the forum.
Because you are going to get such a huge variety of different answers here!
Each of us has our favorite places to play. But I don't think we base our decisions on the best "comps" or "gifts"
I would rather have longer play time on a deposit and get great, prompt customer service than "the best comps" or a "gift" at christmas.
I would also prefer a casino that treats all of it's customers fairly when it comes to christmas and birthday bonuses. All of us here got a taste of what it was like for an online casino to pick and choose who they wanted to send expensive gifts to last christmas. and the rest of us rightfully took it to heart.
We all deposit and we all play, there fore we all expect to be treated equally.:thumbsup:

Good Luck in your gaming!


May 9, 2006
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Thats funny because I was just thinking about this the other day.

I would have to go with any B&M casino in existence over anything you can find on the internet. Honestly, lets think about this people, you get free drinks, free room, free food and maybe even some match play with absolutley no rollover. And if you really high roll, free airfare free shows, free pretty much anything you want as long as you gamble.(note: not lose, just gamble). You will probably get a REAL birthday card with some incentives from the casino host. You get the piece of mind of knowing the cards are dealt by live dealer and not some computer programmed by a human. Not to mention you get paid in cash in most cases.

Now to the internet casino's....HUGE bonuses with a rollover designed to destroy you. If you do meet the rollover you then begin to worry that you right clicked your mouse instead of left clicking and they will confiscate your deposit and winnings. Maybe some comp points with a max cash out, maybe or maybe not a birthday bonus, a hell of a lot of emails you don't want and more likely than not crappy customer service. If you are lucky enough to make a withdrawal you now have to wait until they feel like paying you and then you have to pay to have the money transferred in to cash.

Sorry for the rant but there is absolutely no comparison between the comps at B&M's and the comps at internet based casinos. The internet ones try to mask it with the huge deposit bonuses but think about it, do they REALLY have to have 20, 30 or 50 times rollover requirements? I think I am beginning to see what a fool I am for gambling online.

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