Which candidate do you feel is best for U.S. online gambling?


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Apr 17, 2010
Turn around...
When Mitt Romney chose his vice presidential running mate there was hope by many in the industry that he would choose Ron Paul, Chris Christie or someone else who is a little more open on social issues and particularly gambling. But instead Romney chose Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, who is effectively Romney’s clone. On every issue from abortion to stem cell research to gay marriage Ryan has voted the same way as Romney, i.e. against it, and for gambling expansion Ryan never really voted one way or another, although he did vote in favor of banning credit card usage for online gambling in 2003 and he abstained from voting on pro-gambling bills in 2006.

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Feedback anyone - Obama or Romney?
As a US citizen I feel my choices are as follows

The Candidate Against Gambling
The Candidate who doesn't care either way so nothing will change

So it really doesn't make sense to make gambling an issue to vote on this time around. I'll have to make my decision based on everything else.
I will admit I am biased but I found democrats to be more open to letting people live freely when it comes to social issues. The problem is there are some blue dog democrats who can be just as conservative and oppose gambling. Then there are the ultra liberal democrats who also oppose gambling because they think poor people should not be allowed to gamble.

I have rarely voted republican but when I did it was a moderate republican. It would be extremely hard to find a moderate republican and Romney cannot be trusted to be moderate. Romney flip flops and lies and Ryan flip flop and lies. Not hard for me at all. I will vote democrat straight down the line.

In the end it comes down to really knowing the candidates and voting which too many Americans don't do. The really important vote is for who gets into congress. Congress passes laws.
It's sort of a moot question, isn't it? :p

Making the Internet Family-Friendly :eek2:
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More self righteous baloney. If you want a "family friendly" Internet then supervise your kids; leave the adults alone.

Maybe what they need to do is create their own Internet like Iran has. Then it'll be really safe. :thumbsup:

More fodder from the Nanny States of America :rolleyes:
these political do gooders are the biggest offenders , i personally think the death penalty is a fitting punishment for politicians that misuse our trust in any event for there personal gain

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