Vegas2Web really strange


account suspended
Hi all, got email today from Villento brands.

Thank you for your on-going loyalty to Rich Reels.

Unfortunately Rich Reels is no longer able to serve your region but we would like to invite you to join our partner provider in your region, Vegas2Web! They have committed to ensuring the same standards of service you have been accustomed to and not only will you receive an exclusive sign up bonus, you also will retain your Club Loyalty Status previously held at Rich Reels.

so, I downloaded that rival and noticed that QT is not an option in deposit menu. went li live chat and here it :

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Diego'

You: you don't have Quick tender as deposit option, so I cant play in this casino unless i deposit with credit card, correct?

Diego: Thanks for holding, please confirm your login name

You: ****
Diego: As you are a new player, Quicktender will only become available to you after you have made 2 qualifying deposits at the casino.

You: well, i am not depositing using credit cards in casino. period. And please explain, why can't I deposit using QT? i already have QT account and use it in other casinos

Diego: I sorry, but this is our software provider rules. You may also fund your account using giftcards. the minimum deposit is $25

Diego: *am

So, is this normal and I am just not familiar with Rival rules?
I am not going to invest there with those limitations, but just wanted to share and ask


Got the same e-mail, but I'm not happy being herded like sheep to a new Rival casino.:eek2: which is software that I don't really like.

Nice try tho, will wait for MG again.